//You can now download all CBS All Access content, but only if you are an ad-free subscriber

You can now download all CBS All Access content, but only if you are an ad-free subscriber



Add CBS All Access to the list of streaming services that allow subscribers to download content to their subscribers. mobile devices.

This week the OTT provider developed a new feature called Download & Play that allows users to watch content without having to stream it.

Access Offer: This option is only available to Free Commercial Plan subscribers, which costs $ 9.99 per month, which is $ 4 more than the $ 5.99 plan for customers. limited advertising. And that only includes "select shows" (although this is more likely than unlikely, it will apply to the CBS All Access series on which you will be most interested.)

Ad-free subscribers can download up to 25 episodes or movies and watch them on up to five devices. There are currently no plans to expand the offer to Limited Commercials subscribers.

The company did not specify which shows and which films would be excluded from the download, but stated that Download & Play includes all CBS All Access series such as Star Trek. : Discovery, The Good Fight and No Activity.

Many current CBS shows in prime time can also be downloaded, including Blue Bloods, Bull, Hawaii Five-O, MacGyver and NCIS: New Orleans, Survivor, Big Brother, 60 minutes and 48 hours.

Download & Play also extends to all "classic" shows available on CBS All Access, such as all previous Star Trek series, Twin Peaks, Cheers, Beverly Hills 90210, The Twilight Zone and The Brady Bunch.

Once downloaded, the content is accessible for 30 days or 48 hours after the start of playback.

With the new feature, CBS All Access joins other broadcast services by offering downloadable content to subscribers, including Ne tflix, Amazon, Starz and Showtime.

Hulu will soon join the downloadable group. At his NewFronts event in May Hulu said he would offer downloadable programs to all subscribers – those with "limited commercials" and those without ads – over the next year, probably early 2019.

CBS All Access has about 2.5 million subscribers and is expected to reach 4 million by next year, said CBS Interactive President and CEO Marc DeBevoise last month. Television Critics Association Press Tour