//Women boost podcast growth, according to new study
women boost podcast growth according to new study - Women boost podcast growth, according to new study

Women boost podcast growth, according to new study



Although podcast listeners have always been dominated by men, new research suggests that women are catching up, thanks to smart speakers and connected car entertainment vehicles.

According to a new study released Wednesday by Westwood One. And while more than two-thirds of advertising decision-makers have discussed podcast marketing, "very little research has been done on the advertising environment within podcasts," says the study.

United States. Advertising revenue for podcasts was $ 314 million in 2017, up 86% from the previous year and will reach nearly $ 660 million by 2020, according to the ITC. For comparison, digital audio as a whole generated $ 1.6 billion in advertising revenue in 2017.

Westwood One, owned by Cumulus, is a media company specializing in radio syndication and audio content. The study was published a day before IAB's Podcast Upfront in New York and interviewed some 600 people who listened to a podcast at least once last week.


About 55% of podcasts listeners are men, which is stable from one year to the next, according to the report.

But the time spent on podcasts has increased dramatically for women from 4.6 hours per week in 2017 to 5.5 hours per week this year, an increase of 20% year-over-year. According to the study, time spent in men could reach a plateau, increasing by 3% to 7.6 hours per week in 2018.

"The year 2018 will be remembered as the year of women's podcasting," said Suzanne Grimes, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Cumulus Media and President of Westwood One. "There is an encouraging trend of new, attractive and varied content for women. As male audiences stabilize, the rate of audience growth of female podcasts is rising. "

Listeners who use connected car entertainment systems to listen to podcasts have grown 27% in one year, while so-called smart speakers have seen similar growth in the use of podcasts (21%).

Some 15% of baby boomers reported listening to a smart speaker, up from 8% a year earlier. And 20% of women reported doing the same thing, compared to 12% yoy.

Listeners of heavy podcasts, which the study describes as those who listen more than 6 hours a week, accounted for 43% of those surveyed, up from 36%. On the other hand, those who listen for 3 to 5 hours have gone from 36% to 31%. And those who listen less than three hours have gone from 28% to 26%.

Millennia accounted for 64% of 'big listeners of podcasts'.

At the same time, the study also claims that ads with promotional codes to listeners are of great interest to heavy users of podcasts; 54% said they used a promotional code heard on a podcast at checkout during a purchase.

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CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article indicated that the podcast study published Wednesday by Westwood One had been conducted in partnership with the Bureau of Interactive Advertising. This description was based on information provided by Westwood One. After publication, the IAB stated that it was not involved in the study.

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women boost podcast growth according to new study - Women boost podcast growth, according to new study