//Why Social Media Marketing Is Critical to Your Local Business by @alextachalova
1546449632 why social media marketing is critical to your local business by alextachalova 760x490 - Why Social Media Marketing Is Critical to Your Local Business by @alextachalova

Why Social Media Marketing Is Critical to Your Local Business by @alextachalova



why social media marketing is critical to your local business by alextachalova - Why Social Media Marketing Is Critical to Your Local Business by @alextachalova

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How much do you expect to use Facebook actively each month?

Your estimate might actually be low.

Let's talk about the numbers:

Statista reports that the number of Facebook users in the United States (in October 2018) had reached the 204 million users.

Add to this the fact that the overall American population is about 327 million, and you can infer that 2 out of 3 American citizens are actively using Facebook.

At this stage of this guide, now that you know the value of organic research, you may be looking for other ways to promote your local business.

Facebook (and other relevant social media platforms) can greatly help your local business to grow.

If you do it right.

This raises a natural question:

How can your business benefit from its presence on social media?

We did some homework to help you get an idea of ​​exactly how local businesses are leveraging social media marketing.

Before deciding if you're ready to dive into the world of social media marketing, let's take a closer look at why you should.


Why Local Businesses Should Invest Time and Money in Social Media Marketing

You are probably already busy promoting your business.

Adding even more marketing tasks may seem a little excessive.

Nowadays however, neglecting to incorporate social media into your marketing plan can cost you dearly – not only in terms of potential new customers who do not know you (and that your competitor is happy to collect!), but also in terms of keeping your existing customers.

By building a relationship with your customers, your chances of retaining them increase, as well as their potential value for life.

Let yourself be convinced even more by these other compelling arguments:

Hey, guys … Someone know it ……

The Social people constantly ask their friends for recommendations for almost everything from local restaurants to auto repair services.

Social Media

Facebook Recommendations

For example, Facebook offers users a dedicated feature allowing them to request recommendations in an area where they live.

When a user seems to be asking for local tips in a status update, a special algorithm is enabled that recognizes referral requests.

Based on the responses of Facebook friends to comm. The function then displays the exact location of the companies mentioned.

This means that the local business will be automatically labeled, visible to the user who asked the question and to anyone else who sees the publication.

Similar features have been deployed on other social media platforms.

What happens if you are not there? Crickets …

& # 39; The worst service ever! & # 39;

Even if you are not active on social networks, people will talk about your business.

Customers share their feedback, very good and bad, and you must be aware of it.

If it's good, BIG! You can capitalize on this satisfied customer by exploiting his praise for more customers or to make your happy customers come back more often. If it's bad, GREAT! You can control the conversation by showing your excellent customer service skills. Make the grumpy complainant a burning fan by really listening to his problem and solving it.

It's not usually a mistake – errors are inevitable for any business.

correct it.

And a bonus? You will learn more about what your customers really think and improve your business accordingly.

Do you know what happens when you're not there?

The complaints become viral and your competitor offers to help you. your client. Because they listened.

Reduce the costs of your ad in local advertising

Social media platforms were not built for their users, but for advertisers.

The location is one of many you can target your ads on specific demographic aspects.

If you laser target your ads to people in your area, their interest centers and other demographic details, you will reach the highest potential customer's lowest costs.

In addition, tweaking the targeting and content of your ads, you will learn more about the ideal tracks that all surveys can say, for a fraction of the cost!

if you do not use these ads features? You continue to shoot aimlessly while your competitors target the gold nuggets.

Let the fans speak for you

Marketing in social media lends itself perfectly to creating a passionate community around your brand.

There is no better way to encourage people to promote you than to help them connect with like-minded people.

It's more than owning conversations around your products or services.

You also create long-term relationships with clients and with each other.

Satisfied customers do word of mouth marketing for you, even your customer service.

Also, they will come back to you for more business. Again and again.

Some Ideas to Illustrate the Community Building

Suppose you own a craft supply store and want to become more visible to buyers potential.

Create projects for your customers on Pinterest and Facebook and invite people to ask questions and get advice from manufacturers.

Your customers will be able to share their achievements, their struggles and their dreams, around your products!

Another good example is building a community around a detox diet and a weight loss, for a local juice bar.

People can inspire and support each other in their health goals while sharing the latest juice. recipes and congratulate everyone on their progress.

You can arrange meetings in your bar, before or after training. All this is done quite easily thanks to the features that bring you social media.

If you do not have a community, you will certainly fail to establish yourself as a strong brand, with relatively inexpensive efforts. A community is an asset that will pay off several times.

The Easy Promotion of New Products and Services

The dissemination of new products and services through traditional local channels still has its merits, Spreading the message through social media can give a huge boost to your campaign.

With social advertising, your community and your own page, you have several options to "show what you have". And you can do it with images, text and videos.

It's amazing to be able to show your product from every angle!

In addition, you can let your fans spread the news. for you. If you have shareable content, they will pass it on.

If you have enthusiastic followers about your new thing, make sure their positive reviews shine!

The more love they have for you, the more you are in the spotlight, the more attractive you will be to others.

You do not use social media marketing for your new products? Then you give your customers a very limited experience in the future.

Mass Free Advertising

Throughout this chapter, you may have rolled your eyes thinking, "Does that mean I have to spend all my time reacting to everyone on the social?

I hear you. And no, you do not do it.

Even if you have to pay attention to what your customers tell you about their experience, you do not have to bend over backwards for each voice.

Some social influencers are so accustomed to companies quivering because of any negative message or negative message, assume that they are all powerful.

However, if you remain authentic, open in your communication and use a little clever joke, you will often find yourself on the side of the winners.

People get tired of these spoiled instabilities and gather behind you. And if you're lucky (or if you play smart?), You can find yourself in the media.

The White Moose vs. She Darby

A great quarrel online between the Irish restaurant The White Moose Cafe and the blogger Elle Darby

Darby asked (by email) a free room in exchange for a criticism. About which The White Moose reacted by sharing his email (with hidden personal details) in an article criticizing the current favor requiring the attitude of bloggers.

The reactions of both parties shuttled for a while, while many others

Meanwhile, the White Moose were selling products related to the quarrel and were producing the goods. one after the other popular social media.

Oh, and they were featured 114 articles, in 20 countries, affecting about 450 million people. Free.

Although obtaining this type of advertising depends on many factors, I think being alert and ready for these events creates opportunities.

Or, as Louis Pasteur says: "Fortune favors the prepared mind. "

If you are not ready, someone else could be!

Now that I have convinced you, I l & # 39; Hopefully, accept the need for SMM for your local business, here's how to get started.

Which Social Media Platforms Are Best for Your Business?

Let's be fair , you can not do everything at once.

Well, some companies can (thanks to incredible tools and teams).

To begin, you need to focus on one or two channels.

Need help choosing the right social media platforms?

Here are some tips for choosing which networks to focus on.

Content Type

This can vary, in Om images and videos in tale

Imagine that you provide plumber or dentist services, in which case it is difficult to post a few photos per day (compared to restaurants and stores that prefer to focus on visual content ).

This means that Instagram will not work for all local businesses, unlike Facebook.

I think that a local business should have a business page on Facebook (see image). below) where a potential customer can find all the necessary information (time, place of work, site and services you provide).

gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== - Why Social Media Marketing Is Critical to Your Local Business by @alextachalova

google on how to improve sites that are not ranked by martinibuster - Why Social Media Marketing Is Critical to Your Local Business by @alextachalova

Where and when is your audience the most active?

Having a page on a channel does not mean that you need to publish articles daily.

For example, if your audience does not really engage on Facebook, it would be enough to post a few times a month.

However, if you have discovered that your current and potential customers are actively collaborating with your competitors and your sectoral niche pages, then that is a green light for you too.

Facebook groups are another thing to check. With the help of closed Facebook groups, you can find:

The most urgent and viral topics.What type of content sounds best for your audience.What influence on their buying decisions? ?

The same is true for other social media channels. Look for other local businesses on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest.

Here you will find an overview of the most popular social media channels of by number of users.

What is your budget?

Consider the number of hours that you can invest in this and / or the budget you have available.

Nowadays, successful social network managers spend a good amount of time devoted to creating publications on social networks – but still more hours devoted to their audience.

Conversations and engagement are key factors in the success of social media.

Personal preferences and sharing will not help you. The community grows as much as comments and interactions.

That's why you need to know if you have enough resources to be present (for example, only cover the basics of social media, post something from time) or active (all the basics, publish daily, more interact with and q

Connecting Your Customers Offline With Your Social Media Platforms

Once you've selected the right social media platforms, you're going to face another painful problem: your audience is still divided between the online world and the offline world.

All brands are fighting more or less, with customers who constantly consume their products but do not belong of their social media community.

You need to connect users who consume your offline products / services to your online business and they can help you increase your presence, to leave positive reviews and connect your business to a given location because they are connected to the surrounding area.

How does it work?

Here are a few ideas on how to do it:

Have them check your company on social networks by giving them a printed card with all your details. Create a photo corner where they can take a photo / selfie and introduce other clients. Do not forget that social media marketing is 1,000 times more effective when it comes to your satisfied customers (not YOU). Put them in the honor! Create a gift. Give surfers a discount on their current bill when they join your online community. Invite them to a special sale that will run exclusively for your community.


Being online for businesses has become very, very local.

Everyone is on social networks, for what they like and what they do.

Social Media Marketing can be an effective and relatively inexpensive way to create greater visibility for your local business.

So be one of the things that many locals love in their news feed, and others will follow.

Image credits

Featured image: Paulo Bobita
Screenshot: Caught by the author

1546449632 345 why social media marketing is critical to your local business by alextachalova - Why Social Media Marketing Is Critical to Your Local Business by @alextachalova