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Why should brands adopt a martech approach first



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Subbu Iyer, CMO of Riverbed, speaking at the MarTech 2019 conference.


SAN JOSE, CA - Brands spend according to a survey by Moore Stephens .

According to a survey by Moore Stephens . Iyer, director of marketing at Riverbed, at a conference at the March 1945 MarTech conference is the way brands approach technology. "The amount invested in technology as a percentage of the marketing budget is increasing. But if you are looking for satisfaction, it is not there.

Many of us are constantly searching for the hot new topic - the brilliant object - and yet, our marketing results do not improve with all the new technologies. as we hope.

"Marketers need to ask what is the purpose of technology - and it must be at the service of the human experience," Iyer said. "How can we better evaluate technologies? Think of it from a human context.

Marketers also need digital strategies centered on the human. They can then deploy the technology for their own customer-centric use cases that take into account the human experience.

The human experience to which Iyer refers encompasses "all the interactions and encounters that you, brand, have with your employees, customers and partners. That's a real measure of affinity, Iyer said. "It's not about MQL or SQL. It's a question of affinity and commitment.

Customers are warned. They demand, value, transparency and authenticity and customization. As customers become more independent and do their own research, that's what they're looking for, "said Iyer. "To succeed, the starting point is not technology."

The course of the buyer is neither linear nor sequential. "It's our challenge when we think about it from the point of view of the technology stack," Iyer said. "We think in a very linear way. It's not linear. This is never linear. "

One of the strategies of the people - centered approach first explained by Iyer is to use the full potential of digital technology to develop cognitive empathy.

Iyer cited a number of studies show emotions are the number one factor in determining fidelity Understanding emotions and responding to them when users come into contact with your brand can dramatically change the results.

Companies such as Humana and Asurion already do it with AI. For example, explained Iyer, Humana has deployed artificial intelligence software to monitor inflection and mitigate customer calls. It can notify the agents of the direction of the call according to the modulations of the voice of the customer. Results: 28% improvement in customer satisfaction, 63% increase in agent engagement and 67% improvement in first contact resolution.

"Customers do not buy more products or services, they buy experiences," says Iyer, in closing. "It's a fundamental belief." Many companies understand this, he said. Coke sells happiness. Apple sells a lifestyle. Nike sells inspiration. And then there is Peloton. Is it a media company or a fitness experience, asked Iyer? "It's an integrated experience that has turned the fitness market upside down."

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