//Why Organic Marketing Should Stay and How to Add It to Your Strategy
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Why Organic Marketing Should Stay and How to Add It to Your Strategy



Organic that? Organic that? What is the big problem with bio? You can have your own opinion about food products, but in marketing, the answer is pretty clear. Organic marketing is the way. But what is organic marketing and how does it differ from paid social marketing?

In this blog, we will explore what is organic marketing, what it is not and how you can use it to grow your business.

What is organic social media marketing?

Organic social media is the use of the free services and tools provided by each social media platform to its users. Organic social media is about creating a community of loyal customers and followers by publishing relevant content and interacting with those who communicate with your brand. Organic social media marketing is the best way to show customers your true values ​​and culture while learning about your customers' values. Using funnel optimization to convert organic traffic into purchases.

The marketing of organic social media has a close closing rate 100% higher than paid marketing. Indeed, brands and customers have the opportunity to know each other simultaneously when they interact on social media platforms.

This is done with organic efforts, such as answering questions, providing comments or responding to them, or simply starting a conversation about your brand.

What is paid marketing on social networks?

Paid social activities are identified as being paid for social media platforms for displaying advertisements or sponsored messages to social network users based on their profiles and their characteristics. Each of these sponsored messages / ads is executed at a specific cost per trigger or campaign. For example, PPC (Pay-per-Click) ads generate fees each time a user clicks on your ad, while Facebook uses scheduled blasts.

From this simplistic breakdown, we can begin to see that organic marketing, while taking time, can lead to an increase in sales and a longer involvement of customers on the networks social.

Here are some proven methods that are still relevant outside the traditional marketing of organic social media:

Using Targeting to Achieve Maximum Organic Potential

In social media, there are many ways to optimize your targeting in an organic way. While paying for social media marketing may be effective, adjusting targeting on your posts may increase your organic reach. In Facebook and Twitter, you can adjust your publications to target the following criteria: gender, relationship, status, education level, age, location, language, interest centers, and end date of publication. With these targeting attributes available, you can better target your audience so that the right people can see your content.

Optimizing SEO Titles

According to Moz, having a powerful referencing title is one of the most important elements of the page on page . In addition, it is important to note that title tags should only have 50 to 60 characters and be very relevant to the content of the page.

Evergreen Content Publication

Whether on social networks or on your blog it is important to publish persistent publications with no expiration date. These publications should be engaging and stand out so that your readers remain intrigued. If you do not know what to publish, offer educational and fun content. Statistics show that users tend to share more positive messages than negative messages.

Use Emoticons to Boost Engagement

Emoticons are now part of our online vocabulary and are a good way to spice up your social copy. Emoticons can humanize your brand and express complex ideas in fewer characters, allowing you to engage more on platforms such as Twitter. They help you capture more attention by conveying the general emotion and ideas around a message even before someone has had a chance to read it.

Choose the #Hashtags of Interest

According to Buffer data hashtags affect engagement differently according to the social network:

Twitter postings associated with a hashtag generate 21% more commitments than tweets to three or more.
Instagram posts however, see the most commitment when using 11 or more hashtags.
Facebook posts do better without hashtags.

If you're aware of a large-scale event, you can prepare in advance to make sure you're ready to take part in the action. The more targeted, the better. If you're a fashion brand, for example, consider tweeting live or covering top-level events and comment on what celebrities are wearing.

Most events are accompanied by hashtags that you can skip. But the key to hijacking a hashtag is not to distract it at all. Instead, you should seek to contribute to the conversation in a natural and meaningful way.

Get your meme on

why organic marketing should stay and how to add it to your strategy - Why Organic Marketing Should Stay and How to Add It to Your Strategy Memes have taken over social media . In addition, you can earn a degree these days in "memeology" regarding the human psyche.

Memes are cultural behaviors that spread from person to person through imitation. This gives them a natural virality that businesses can use. By playing on nostalgia, humor and imitation, it allows organic growth through the propagation of various iterations of the same meme. This was recently seen in the same Nike's spread on all Facebook after Colin Kaepernick's takeover in the form of an approval contract.

Organize a contest / reward

Contests and giveaways tend to produce a significant commitment because they ask your audience to do relatively little to have the opportunity to reap some reward.

The more convincing your prize is, the more players will take the leap to try their luck. These competitions can be organized directly on social networks or facilitated with a tool.

Biological Marketing and Commercialization Agent

In this era of competition, dollars and robotic engagement, organic marketing is becoming more and more essential to help you stand out from the competition. By creating an experience for the user, you are much more likely to attract new customers and generate more sales because the report was built non-invasively. If you combine these activities with paid efforts, you will get more organic growth through word of mouth, while your paid ads will be presented by new customers to already engaged users. These users with positive experiences will relay them and continue this process.

Are there any organic marketing opportunities that have been successful for you? I would love to hear about it in the comments!