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Why brands must take ASMR more seriously



Slime. This is the biggest artistic craze of 2018 and a rising video sensation. Last year, there were nearly 25 billion slime video views . Supermarkets report shortages of glue throughout the country.

Craft brands get into the game, sponsoring content and making last minute products, such as glitter glue, to keep up with the trend. It's great. However, more brands need to look deeper into trends such as Slime and its cousin ASMR (Autonomic Meridian Sensory Response). Both offer brands the ability to communicate with consumers in an entirely new way, in video and in real life.

Do you take the ASMR seriously?

Visually stimulating visual videos are a part of a growth category of very popular videos labeled ASMR. These videos generate little controversy and offer consumers a soothing respite in real life. A small group of brands like IKEA and Dove have already created ASMR viral videos. Michelob went so far as to create an advertisement ASMR Superbowl .

These ad-hoc advertisements are not true attempts to be part of the trend, but have instead been created as a thoughtful language. references. Similar to Slime, the real ASMR videos are largely in the influencers' domain, which accumulates billions of video views with long-term participation from viewers who take the content seriously.

With such a trend, mainly new content. With an unknown power of conservation, most brands will see greater rewards by advertising against the content rather than creating theirs. Out of billions of views, Slime videos average 1.5 times the engagement of the YouTube average. To do this, brands will have to redefine their approach. Influencers are not impressed by advertisers so far. This ASMR influencer even created a video to teach brands to attenuate the volume to better assimilate the ASMR content.

The Bond That Links

The Different Slime Video Types use different audience segments, which suits many categories of brands such as beauty, retail, and even the fitness. Influencers who create content provide deeper audience information that can help brands select the right type of content for their target audience, and then create a retargeting strategy to further scale up their content. Broad targeting against the latest craze can be a black hole for ad spend but, for such trends as ASMR and slime videos, a little bit of data contributes greatly to creating a strategy that sticks to the skin .

Brands often see. great success in buying media against influencers in the field of beauty and fashion with a growing category called "Get Ready with Me". Brands are often able to specifically identify demographic data in contact with this influencer and read about the universe of other content presented by this creator who has similar watch times and commitment in these same data. demographic.

There is a need to closely monitor new and varied trends such as slime or ASMR. When the displayed content skyrockets around particular events or themes, brands may attempt to surf the wave without adequate supervision. A recent emphasis on the role of comments on YouTube shows that even innocent content may contain elements that brands will need to revisit and refine regularly, especially when parts of the category attract children.

attract almost every day new creators of content, who can take the genre in new directions. These new videos are almost always protected by the brand, but may not be appropriate for the brand. It is therefore important to remain vigilant. For example, some videos include makeups or branded toys like Play-Doh, against which an advertiser might refuse to advertise for competitive reasons.

The magic of YouTube is that brands can communicate with consumers with very new content. topics and topics long before most linear and traditional digital content creators are interested. Viewers and influencers take the category seriously. It's time for brands to do the same.

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why brands must take asmr more seriously - Why brands must take ASMR more seriously

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