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What's wrong with podcast advertising?



So we are in 2019 and we are at the point where the question is no longer: "Do you listen to podcasts?", But rather "Which podcasts do you listen to?". Their use is increasing year by year, which means one thing – as well as the advertising opportunity. But is it enough to make it part of your marketing plan?

Podcasts have been around for more than a decade now, as they were a way to watch a radio show after it aired and grow from there. How to create your own business, solve mysteries of murders in real life, podcasts have come a long way, arousing the interest of not only consumers, but also marketers. After all, podcast advertising spending is expected to double to $ 1.6 billion by 2022, according to a study by advertising research firm WARC. But what makes this medium so attractive?

Acast published a study revealing that 76% of British listeners of British podcasts claim that they acted in connection with a podcast announcement or a message of sponsorship. Actions include: Find more information online, visit a brand's website, and share information about an online brand. Could this be because there are fewer ads in podcasts that listeners are able to stay focused on during these ads? Or that consumers have a unique relationship with a podcast, that is, they spend 30 minutes or more just listening to one voice, encouraging them to develop confidence faster and take action. more effective?

Who knows? It would take a lot of scientific knowledge to prove or disprove the countless theories that can explain the success of podcast advertising, but it should be noted that 76% of companies are doing a lot. As marketers, we should take note of them and continue our investigations. Let's start by looking at who were the British listeners of podcasts in 2018.

First, 35% listened to podcasts while driving or traveling – so it's almost like it's a radio, except it's a radio show you have chosen. It is rather a personalized radio. By understanding that 30% listen to podcasts while traveling or driving, we know that we do not get 100% attention. Nor are they likely to be able to draw something from an advertisement at this point in time. We can deduce that, when it comes to podcast advertising, you are more likely to use it for brand awareness.

What is also very interesting is that there is a strong growth in the use of podcasts for ages 15-24 years . This statistic will obviously encourage marketers to turn – we are always looking for ways to target those under 18, and we have it now – as long as the series is age-appropriate, of course. But with the audience of older and younger listeners, we ourselves have tremendous targeting opportunities. As many as 67% of listeners listen on the phone.

The stereotype that only the rich and over forty listen to podcasts is over, and knowing that it's possible to touch people from different age groups partly explains why many marketers are turning to this medium.

However, as with any new channel in our industry, the targeting of podcast advertising features is a challenge. Generally, on all platforms, the measure is impressions, except on Apple where you can determine whether an ad is ignored or not. But one thing is clear: podcast advertising still has a long way to go. In fact, the lines are so fuzzy and confusing that in 2017, the IAB created the " Podcast Playbook " to help advertisers understand how to tackle podcast advertising.

Although measures are currently very limited, it is clear that podcast advertising is a unique way to find a committed audience with a high percentage of listeners who enjoy the ads almost as much as they like the show. . This in itself should be a sufficient incentive to add to your marketing brand awareness plan.

Lisa Sajwani is responsible for strategy and planning at Croud .

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whats wrong with podcast advertising - What's wrong with podcast advertising?