//What marketers can learn from the film industry About connecting with their audience
what marketers can learn from the film industry about connecting with their audience - What marketers can learn from the film industry About connecting with their audience

What marketers can learn from the film industry About connecting with their audience



In today's world of competing media and content platforms, the average filmmaker has difficult to find content that will fascinate them. To inspire this group, you do not need to sell them: you must captivate them. The goal is to increase the cultural buzz beyond the expected story, not just the film's awareness, and to see success flourish.

from a movie. A film is multidimensional and means different things in different regions for different people in different situations with different values. Here are five key steps that marketers as a whole can take to establish cultural urgency in any area.

Identify the Unique DNA

movie or product is with your biggest fans. What culturally relevant actions, intrigues or tensions could be magnified? We have often seen this be done by mistake in the opposite way, forcing the unique DNA into an audience. The key is to recognize and celebrate the world in which your fans are already living and to talk in a way that suits them. This generation requires a more customer-focused, personalized marketing and responds to communications that reflect the world in which they live and the way your movie or product integrates.

Finding the Cultural Differentiator

Carefully examine movies or products with similar profiles and competing entertainment in the category to define what is different. More than ever, as news and entertainment merge, consumers want to participate in film campaigns that understand what they think is cool and culturally relevant.

Identify with groups that match these key themes and cultural triggers and do whatever you can to invest in these groups or these fans. Loyalty is a constant process. If you are building a franchise, you must invest in developing the fan relationship as opposed to marketing individual movies. Collaborate with your audience, be where they are, celebrate them and honor them. Generation Y members want to feel that your content has been created with their interests in mind (not their wallet).

Crystalize the lightning rod

produced in the populations of the passion and gives him energy. It is a key step that only a true know-how in the field of marketing and communication can achieve. It must be targeted and communicated effectively through the media and languages, and there is no single solution. The key here is to be creative and test, test, test to ensure power.

Raising the Cultural Conversation

Linking the film (or product) to consumer behavior stimulates their curiosity and recognizes the world in which they live. It all starts with talking to your audience, not to them, and around conversations related to cultural relevance. Younger listeners appreciate authenticity about everything else. They are more likely to listen to a movie comrade as opposed to a promotional copy. The difficult sale has become a kind of satire in the eyes of millennials. They do not respond to marketing going around shouting how good the movie or product is. The difficult sale has disappeared and you must let your audience make the decision to enjoy the film and continue the conversation.

Well done, a film can become a cultural force with powerful advocates who hijacked a $ 15 sale in a cult classic with superfans celebrating it as a timeless relic.