//What it was like to watch Jimmy Fallon Tape the T-Mobile episode of the Tonight Show in Central Park

What it was like to watch Jimmy Fallon Tape the T-Mobile episode of the Tonight Show in Central Park



If you think that Jimmy Fallon is excitable every night as a & # 39; As host of the Tonight Show, you should see him in person as a late-night host to film an episode of his show at Central Park in New York.

This is what happened Thursday night, and Adweek attended the recording of the episode of Central Park sponsored by T-Mobile. . And this brand partnership was impossible to ignore.

For starters, the Tonight Show featuring Jimmy Fallon's usual white logo was turned into a pink T-Mobile shade for the evening. The sponsored logo was displayed on banners near the episode where the episode was filmed, in an improvised setting at Central Park's Rumsey Playfield.

T-Mobile, sponsor of the episode, was added to the logo of the Tonight Show.

Sara Jerde

The Magenta VIP tents were located behind the audience and would have been useful if the sky had spilled in the rain because they seemed to threaten early in the evening. Instead, the night remained an ideal temperature to watch Fallon's comedy routine.

As Fallon noted in his monologue, he was born in Brooklyn and grew up in Saugerties. in Central Park. He also thanked T-Mobile during the monologue, said that it was "great" to work with the brand.

The NBC Central Plateau was able to accommodate more than 1,500 spectators, a considerable increase over the approximately 200 attend registrations in the usual house of the show, Studio 6B, at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

The set and set that the series began assembling in June and started Sunday with the help of over 100 crew members – was impressive. And the crew made a smooth transition between segments.

The episode included a match between Fallon and his guests: Blake Lively, who was promoting A Simple Favor; Carrie Underwood, promoting her new album, Cry Pretty; and the crazy actor of wealthy Asians Henry Golding. Fallon also interviewed Lively and Underwood.

During Underwood's "Love Wins" performance, the crowd discovers T-Mobile's sponsoring as sticks and bracelets circulate to illuminate the magenta. and have been marked with the name of the company.

The public brandished T-Mobile branded sticks during Carrie Underwood's performance.

Andrew Lipovsky / NBC

scene – after going through the crowd – to perform two karaoke songs with Underwood that will not air on the air.

The first? Publish Malone's "Psycho", which also worked well. So, Fallon and Underwood cut short and turned to a song with a different vibe: Kenny Rogers' Islands in the Stream and Dolly Parton, which seemed better suited to them.

still lit up the night, not with the bright pink T-Mobile that had set the tone until then, but with the glow of their cell phones that soared to record everything.