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Walmart Doubles Its Voice Grocery With Google Home



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Yesterday, Walmart announced a simplified way for customers to order groceries at the store. Using voice commands on any device with the help of Google. . This includes Google Home, Android devices and iPhones. The company said that this capacity will arrive soon on other platforms (read: Alexa).

Update of an existing partnership. Although it is an entirely new announcement, it is actually an update or a modification of what had already announced in August 2017. Walmart then announced the resupply of groceries via Google Assistant and a partnership with Google Express for local products. delivery. Walmart stopped using Google Express in January of this year.

In the scenario that has just been announced, users place an order stating "Ok Google, talk to Walmart". They must first link existing Walmart accounts to their Google Account. Personal account and you will be invited to do so if they have not done so yet. They must then select their default support store, which can be done in a variety of ways, including using Google Home, which will select the store closest to the home address registered with Google.

Once these steps are completed, users can start adding items to a shopping cart, which can extend over multiple sessions. In the end, the races are picked up in the store. Presumably, they could also be delivered as well, which was part of the initial announcement of 2017.

Concentrate on existing and loyal Walmart customers. Walmart Voice Shop purchases are suitable for both new and existing buyers, but they are really designed as a loyalty game for regular customers. According to Walmart, "If a customer says" add milk to my basket ", we will make sure to add the specific milk that the customer buys regularly, instead of saying" 1 gallon of 1% Great Value Organic Milk ", they will simply say word: "milk."

Adding Items Steadily Purchased to a Shopping Cart – Walmart has a history of purchases and purchase data for its customers recorded – removes a major obstacle for voice purchases: choose from several products of a given category (eg, milk, toothpaste, laundry detergent).

The expected use case is the establishment of a shopping list during the course of the week: "We know that when using voice technology, customers like to add items to their basket a both on a few days – they do not finish their purchases of the week in one go. This feature aligns with the way customers buy.

Users can also switch from one device to another to add items to their purchase cards. According to Kantar, 12.6% of Google Home owners ordered races by voice.

Why bother? RetailMeNot's recent retailer survey found that retailers are very optimistic about voice purchases. Just under three-quarters (74%) of marketers at experienced retailers said that buying smart speakers would be a "major form of purchase in the next three years." That number jumped to more than 90% for retailers with annual sales exceeding $ 1 billion. . Walmart is clearly in this last category.

With this new Walmart voicemail experience, we see a viable pattern of voice trading emerge: purchase list creation and product reorganization. Several factors make this activity viable:

The fact that it is multiplatform: it targets existing buyers and existing purchases, thus eliminating uncertainty (which product to buy). The simple user experience reinforces the fidelity, by resuming a page of the game manual of Amazon

. In recent years, Walmart has developed a sophisticated online shopping, online collection and in-store collection (BOPIS) experience. So, when a user goes to the store to pick up pre-ordered supplies, he is ready for pickup.

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