//Verizon Media's 5G Survey: Consumers Expect Improved RA and Video
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Verizon Media's 5G Survey: Consumers Expect Improved RA and Video



wAAACwAAAAAAQABAEACAkQBADs= - Verizon Media's 5G Survey: Consumers Expect Improved RA and Video Anticipation of 5G for Advertisers, According to the Verizon Media Inquiry

5G Start Since its launch this year across the United States, 85% of consumers They expect that increased bandwidth will benefit augmented reality experiences and 80% expect increased use of artificial intelligence.

This is what reveals a new Verizon Media survey on 5G technology. " The 5G revolution: the excitement grows for advertisers and consumers ," released Thursday. Formerly called Oath, the organization's portfolio includes Yahoo, Tumblr, AOL, Engadget and TechCrunch, and this is his first survey on the subject.

Expecting better experiences, new creative ad formats. If the Verizon Wireless part of this extended family has any interest in seeing the 5G succeed, the sample size of the survey – 1779 consumers and 295 advertisers – reinforces the credibility of the results.

About half of advertisers expect the 5G to improve consumer experience, new creative ad formats, better geographic targeting and better access to data from high quality, and a third of the advertisers surveyed are already developing their 5G plans.

Many of these survey results – such as the focus on better RAs and new types of ads – reinforce recent comments made at MarTech Today by marketing specialists considering 5G.

& # 39; A leap forward. & # 39; 5G is the next generation of high-speed wireless transmission and, if the announced specifications hold up well in the field, could represent a major transition for digital marketing and advertising. Speeds could reach 10 gigabits / second, a hundred times the current LTE 4G speed, and latency should be very low.

"5G technology is a leap forward in wireless technology that will usher in an era of radical new opportunities in all areas of technology," said Jeff Lucas, global solutions sales manager. and global customers in North America.

Responses to the survey indicate that there is already a substantial consumer interest in 5G, although pilot projects have been launched so far.

Seventy percent of those surveyed say they have heard about 5G and its benefits, including 23% of 18- to 34-year-olds who report being "extremely familiar." with 5G. Forty-three percent of streaming video per age group every day, said Verizon, while nearly half of those polled in the Verizon Media poll said they anticipate high-definition video on wireless devices , better streaming, better connectivity for wearable devices and reduced loss. Calls.

Why you should care As all major carriers plan to launch 5G this year in the US and elsewhere, and many 5G-enabled smartphones are getting ready for commercialization, new wireless technology could have a major impact on marketing and digital advertising.

could, for example, eliminate the need for cable television or cable Internet, at least in non-rural areas, and could therefore change the structure of the cable advertising industry. At speeds as high as ten gigabits, it essentially makes 4K quality video available wirelessly, could trivialize high resolution augmented reality layers and make the highest level of artificial intelligence accessible to any vehicle or device.

Assuming the technology works as advertised, the key question is whether consumers and advertisers will find 5G convincing. This study is one of the first to indicate that the answer is yes.

This story was first published on MarTech Today. For more information on marketing technology, click here.

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