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Tips for Content Development for Account-Based Marketing



Most B2B marketers are already running or planning to implement an account-based marketing strategy. Today, B2B marketing does not aim to generate a huge volume of leads, but rather to reach specific individuals on specific target accounts. Have you thought about the content requirements associated with ATMs? Here are four tips to make sure your content development plan supports your account-based marketing approach:

Marketing between an account and an individual prospect

Move your focus away from the center The lead to the account-centric Marketing begins with recognizing that you are selling to a group of people in a specific company, not to a huge pool of independent prospects. It's here that custom content comes in. By providing unique and relevant content to each target account, you improve the customer experience and your overall marketing results. Let's take a look at content development needs based on personalities, roles, website visitors, and your development training program.

Create personalities for each role / level of buyer

Start by creating three to five personalities representing your target account levels (or roles) and reflecting on their professional needs and their content requirements. For example:

Level 1: Buyers of your target accounts. These are your main decision makers. Think about the challenges and opportunities associated with their work. What problems are they trying to solve? How do they make decisions? Level 2: influencers within your target accounts. These people may not have the power to purchase, but they influence the process of selecting and buying suppliers. What do you know about the work of influence? What is their role in relation to the buyer? What specific challenges do they address? How could they inform the process? Level 3: Known experts in your target industries. How do these people establish themselves as industry leaders? What are they talking about / writing about? Where do they share ideas? How to increase their influence?

Develop content for each person

Hire each person by providing specific content, provided in a desirable format. Make sure that the content fits that particular role according to their unique needs, challenges, and success goals.

"You have to create stories that the right people in your target businesses would like to read and share." – Johan Sundstrand, Freya News

Sample Content per Person:

Buyers of Tier I, especially those in the evaluation and selection phase, are often looking for product comparisons, and this type of information can easily be graphed or infographed. perhaps a brief podcast or a video focusing on their specific challenges and needs related to this solution. Experts in this sector tend to take a closer look at in-depth research. downloadable eBook

Customizing content by character

When developing content, consider using both general roupes and to people:

Create relevant content for users of a specific industryCreate content designed for all people in a target accountCreate content for individual people in a high priority account

Contents intended for the industry. The largest ABM is an industry. The use of industry-specific digital books, coupled with Web personalization, presents relevant content and messages for all prospects in that target industry.

Content for buyers and influencers. The connection to the target account must be established with several people at the level of the buyer and the influencer. The content created around the characters must match the current status of the person in the buying cycle.

In the awareness stage, you can use informative content and messaging. To move to the stage of interest and evaluation, perhaps personalize a case study or an ebook. by adding more relevant examples for the target account.

Individualized content. Highly personalized content using a personalized communication method targets one or two key individuals within your highest priority ATM accounts. Specific content, such as hyper-focused messaging for invitation-only events and direct mail to a person, is essential.

78% of business-to-business marketers say that creating better content has led to an increase in overall marketing success. – 2018 Content Marketing Institute Study

Customize Your Website for Targeted Accounts

Do not Forget Site Visitors! I urge marketers to use tools such as Marketo Real-Time Personalization or Optimizely, which allow you to identify the company and the business sector of a website visitor. and to offer unique and relevant content. Here are two ideas:

Many marketers post different versions of the homepage based on visitors' knowledge. For example, when a person from the financial services industry visits your home page, she sees messages, images, and content specifically related to her area. Create account-specific content so high-priority target account users visit your site. For example, messaging, images, and content are customized with the name and logo of the company.

"It's not always the" download. "You do not always want to take people to blocked content.We find these case study pages with some kind of demo call to action that works really good in ABM. "- Sangram Vajre, Terminus

Set up an account management with a human touch

ABM does not end with your digital efforts. must be engaged and maintained over time Traditional mailings can help you build relationships with potential customers and advance them into the sales pipeline.

Here are three marketing ideas (non-numeric) to support your efforts at the ATM:

commercial report or news item to your high priority ABM contacts. The handwritten letters never go out of style. Do not miss this opportunity to d & rsquo; Send personal invitations to local events.

Align Your Content Strategy with Automated Teller Machine Success

[19459001)] Make sure your content strategy is aligned with your buyer personalities and addresses their key challenges / needs. Make sure the content is really useful at each phase of the customer journey and delivered in a desirable format. Personalize and personalize the content whenever possible and do not forget to use non-digital channels.

We all know the popular phrase: "content is king". This adage has never been so true marketing approach highly targeted, personalized and account-based.

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tips for content development for account based marketing - Tips for Content Development for Account-Based Marketing

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