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This is how successful writers get the creative juice flowing



this is how successful writers get the creative juice flowing - This is how successful writers get the creative juice flowing

When people think of art, their minds tend to revolve around things like painting, drawing, sculpture, or photography. But writing is just as much a form of creative art. And as a content writer, you need to make sure your creativity is constantly evolving.

Is creativity really elusive?

As a content editor, your livelihood depends on your ability to capture creativity and turn it into well-crafted phrases that satisfy your customers and motivate your readers to action. And with all the pressure to produce content on a permanent basis, creativity can sometimes seem rather elusive. But is it just a product of our imagination?

We often reserve the notion of "creativity" to famous people and big names in the industry, such as Steve Jobs, Eli Whitney, Walt Whitman, Mark Zuckerberg or Ludwig Beethoven.

"These people always seem to be far beyond the reach of the ordinary", . Srini Pillay writes . "Their inventions and creations seem to be inspired by a world beyond the reality we know, and their creative talents seem mysterious to say the least. Some may even think that these people are born with a special creative ability. "

But if you study the real data, you will realize that genes represent only 10% of personal creativity . Research shows that the rest is learned or acquired.

Although it's not always easy to find, you can find creativity in the middle of a day, an experience, a project or a challenge. Some days you will just have to work harder to find it.

6 Ways to Enhance Creativity

We all have our own ways of writing. It is therefore sometimes useful to learn from what others do. Here are some of the different strategies and techniques that content writers use to enhance everyday creativity. Take a look:

1. Improve your mood

Your mood will dictate to some extent your overall level of creativity and happiness – two factors that are integral to success as a content writer. To improve your mood and spearhead your success, Nu Skin suggests to do five things every day:

Adopt an attitude of gratitude by writing three to five things for which you are grateful.
Write a positive experience you have had in the past 24 hours and think about it every time you need a relay.
Perform at least one physical activity or exercise routine.
Spend at least two minutes meditating and focusing on breathing.
S engage in a random act of kindness towards a friend or stranger.

2. Agree with some chaos

"Most people try to organize their days as much as possible. But there is reason to believe that too much organization will deprive you of your creativity, "says Dr. Pillay. "Start by saving one hour of your day for unplanned activities."

It is better to have a free schedule with free time, where you can choose what you want to do. This gives you a mix of structure and freedom, where creativity is maximized.

3. Holding a Wheel Book

In the book of Henriette Anne Klauser write it, make it come true it pleads in favor of keeping a book on the wheels. A book of wheels is simply a little notebook that you keep with you at all times. You use it to write down thoughts, ideas, reminders, inspirations or anything that goes through your head. You then examine it regularly.

By revising your wheel book, you will begin to see things in a new light, connect original ideas and change your thinking. It's really useful.

4. Change your environment

Your physical writing environment will have a significant impact on your overall level of creativity. If you work in the same boring office with four white walls, a door and a cheap desk, do not be surprised to see your creativity diminish.

The best thing for you to do is change your environment regularly. With features like WiFi, hotspots and cellular data, you can work almost anywhere – in your car, at a coffee shop or even on a trail in the woods. Take advantage of these opportunities.

5. Interact with Others

It is easy for writers to be caught by sunstroke. But whether you are introverted or extroverted, you must interact with others every day. This will force you to see things from other perspectives. Whether it's a morning telephone discussion, a lunch with a friend or a mid-afternoon break with a colleague, allowing time for human interaction will stimulate creativity.

6. Try something new

As human beings, we are faced with a natural tendency to repeat things that put us at ease. That's why we like routines. It is comforting to do the same things in the same order with exactly the same results. But this kind of repetitive behavior will also force you to make ruts – where creativity does not exist.

It is extremely helpful to do something different. In terms of writing, you should not be afraid to mix things up a bit. Try semi-strange things like:

Write with your eyes closed all the time. (You can come back and clean up the mistakes.)
Write while listening to classical music on your speakers.
Write an entire blog article in the third person only.

The more you mix things up, the less likely it is that you end up becoming a stuffy rut of creativity. You will also realize that you have infinite potential inside your brain – there are only a few incentives left to run out.

Do not lose focus

It's easy to let a lack of creativity push you to fight the writer's blockage. But the writer's blockage is nothing more than a brief period of time when you lack inspiration and special thought. If you prioritize creativity every minute of every day (and not just when you think you need it), you'll discover that there are fewer periods of writer blocking and more distant from each other.

I hope this article has given you inspiration so that you can keep your creativity moving. What tips or techniques would you add?

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this is how successful writers get the creative juice flowing - This is how successful writers get the creative juice flowing

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