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The Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Social Network Manager by @tallchickvic



Four years ago, Facebook had only 3 million active advertisers.

In 2017, more than 5 million brands were advertising on Facebook.

Up to now this year, another 1 million have entered the fray.

Yes, these figures are rather discouraging.


But this clearly shows how important Facebook marketing has become for businesses – not to mention all the other popular social networks that each account for millions (or billions) of # 39; s users.

Previously, the social networking position was primarily led by trainees or specialists, only asking them to publish organic content to get the most out of the various social media platforms.

Today, you are facing a new social problem. media landscape.

Here are some of the major changes we've seen this year:

Updates and changes to social media platforms are indeed abundant and fast.

To stay abreast of these changes, an expert in the field needs to keep a watchful eye, Make sure the brands for which they work are always successful on social media platforms.

It's great to have an employee who may already be working on other tasks within the company, thus contributing to social media efforts.

However, you'd do a better job hiring a social media manager to help manage, maintain and run social media campaigns and get a better return on your expenses and investments.

Here are the top five reasons why you need a social network manager.

1. The social landscape is constantly changing

A social media officer can track any changes in algorithms and new trends within the platform, but also adapt your strategy and content based on the latest updates.

A social media officer can take into account changes that are happening or about to happen and be agile. So he can go back to the drawing board with his clients and change the goals of the campaign. His content allows him to continue to achieve their goals.

2. You Need a Social Media Strategy

An employee who randomly posts profiles of your social networks, without a plan, will make wrong to your mark.

If this is your current situation being, I urge you to go back to the drawing board to find out how you can either:

Ask an existing employee who is passionate about this space to take charge full-time social media efforts. Or reconsider whether your brand is ready to be in this space.

Social media is not a tactic of doing everything for nothing. In many ways, this approach can do more harm than good.

To develop a social media plan, the social media expert must join with all other people who run other marketing campaigns (direct mail, email, paid search). , TV, radio) on behalf of your brand.

This will prevent your efforts from being negated and give you more synergy to all your marketing efforts – online and offline.

For example, if you are planning to broadcast a direct mail, this one being more expensive than a paid search or email, your marketing team needs to think about how your message can be associated with emails and social media campaigns after its internal release date. enlarge your message.

Your contacts, your contacts and your results will be improved.

Your social media manager will be able to create campaigns for all the other campaigns you're working on.

The company All media managers will also be able to evaluate your main goals for the year and translate them into content and campaigns on social networks.

On content, a social media manager will not only implement strategy, mindful of other marketing efforts, but will also develop a social media calendar that they should share with you every month on the paid and organic campaigns that they plan to perform on your behalf.

3. Protect your reputation and help your customers

The social media officer (s) is constantly on the alert for every message, review, and comment that occurs in social media about a brand.

Not only do they have the right process in place for sorting, but they also know how to behave within the platform, representing the brand.

Hiring someone who has a lot of experience in this area is huge, because in a matter of seconds, a social media officer can help mitigate and solve a problem that would otherwise have turned into a disaster if an individual less seasoned would have put the role at stake.

It is essential that the The Social Media Manager not only develops the voice and language of the brand within social media, but also works with others people within the company, such as customer support and public relations. Emergency plans are in place, well before the social media crisis.

The reaction to a comment, good or bad, should also be made within a certain time. The earliest would be best.

Your brand can either help solve a problem for an existing or future customer or induce someone to respect your brand's behavior on social media.

4. Perspective – Inside & Out

If you are a brand that discusses the internal hiring versus outsourcing with d & # 39, an agency you enjoy benefits for both.


Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency in Social Media

This could be more financially feasible. The social media manager may have new ideas that you might not have considered.The social media manager should not be jaded by the culture that comes with your brand and can bring new innovative ideas that your leaders may appreciate. They also have the advantage of being able to work with similar brands within your specific agency, which can also help you to define best practices, what works in your industry and what does not work. not.

Benefits of hiring an internal expert in social media

Once trained, the internal staff will:

know the intricacies of the corporate culture and know the red tape involved. the boundaries of the brand when bra inculcate campaign ideas.

5. Reporting and Monitoring

Having a manager who is in charge of all your efforts on social networks can help you improve the existing campaign.

But a social media manager can also keep your brand agile – change focus, creation or content if your current efforts are not making every effort.

A social media officer will regularly monitor his campaigns: he will disable underperforming ads and optimize others. The money is well spent and your goals are achieved.

A social media officer will review the campaigns over time and will know if a tactic is getting tired or if the strategy needs to be adjusted.

This provides considerable value at the end of the month, as they will provide documentation telling a story of:

What was performed that month. How does it compare to previous months? What to do next?

Sometimes the Aigns camp will be a continuous success and may give rise to other great ideas, which would not necessarily be the case if no one was dedicated to these efforts 24 hours a day.


Hope you can now see that you would be much better hire a social media manager than not the case.

Anyone who can contribute 100% to the strategy and goals of your brand will give a much better result than having a trainee or lower level employee posting random content to the account of your brand.

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