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The Next Evolution of Content Marketing: Creating Integrated Marketing Teams



NewsCred has just prepared its booth at Content Marketing World where we have seen the field of content marketing expand and evolve for nearly a decade as a participant and sponsor. As a community, we have developed content marketing from a buzzword to a sophisticated discipline. And this year, I'm optimistic and optimistic about the evolution of the industry – as we see organizational transformation on the horizon: silo content marketers are integrating with the rest of their organization to create collaborative marketing teams content experiences.

In fact, here are my predictions for next year:

Successful brands will invest in integrated marketing, moving from internal competition to true collaboration.
Technology will be the catalyst for uniting teams and solving problems that have been a problem in the past.

This second point may seem interesting at first. NewsCred provided a technological solution focused on the association of content with the performance of the company. We are not moving away from this fundamental belief. the performance of the content always counts. We have to justify our budgets, after all. But more than ever, content must also stand out in a saturated market.

According to BuzzSumo, only half of the publications created in 2017 contained four or more actions. Most marketing teams have more than four people – so your teams do not even share their content.

But the solution is not to create more content. It's about creating better marketing teams and empowering them to create better content. This is why NewsCred has developed an integrated marketing edition of our leading content marketing platform.

Better teams create better content

Why Integrated Marketing? You've probably heard me recommend the book Team of Teams by retired US General Stanley McChrystal. (If this is not the case, here is why the executive book that each NewsCred executive must read ). A team of teams is integrated, elitist and efficient. The team team mentality says that organizational silos and lack of visibility and trust prevent marketers (and brands) from reverting to advanced strategic planning, aligned execution and high performance.

Marketing organizations that adopt this state of mind of the team become a truly integrated marketing organization. This means that priority must be given to adaptability, autonomous decision-making and extreme transparency and visibility. It's easy to engage in theory, but it's something else to do in practice. Perhaps your content marketing team has a high degree of trust and visibility, but how can you adapt it to an organization, markets and geographies, products and channels? ?

At NewsCred, we believe the solution lies in a technology designed to unify the marketing organization, providing unprecedented visibility into the planning, execution and measurement of campaigns . responsibility for increased collaboration.

Increasing operational efficiency and increasing performance

Integrated marketing is the process of unifying the marketing organization to provide its audience with a consistent and relevant content experience across all channels. Building an integrated marketing organization ultimately means eliminating competition among marketing teams – competing key performance indicators, competing budgets, unique technology stacks, and different attribution models.

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The technology you need to transform

Internal collaboration must become a real priority for marketing leaders and organizations. The marketing departments that form a "team team" mindset and invest in internal alignment are those who will succeed in the velocity of content, global deliveries and the omnichannel content. I am so excited that NewsCred is able to support this critical transformation.

The Integrated Marketing Edition of CMP NewsCred Offers:

Integrated Campaign Management to bring together teams within a single workspace to plan and execute campaigns in markets and industries. activity, increase the visibility of all marketing activities and improve operational efficiency. content and ultimately increase the revenue attributed to marketing.
Multi-format content workflows to manage the production of all content types on which the campaigns depend – from videos and landing pages to presentations, infographics, social ads, and more – It's easy to create, collaborate and approve the wide variety of content needed to fuel marketing efforts.
Advanced Operational Reporting to monitor team processes, evaluate campaign progress and identify potential bottlenecks, giving teams the transparency needed to make informed and effective decisions. maximize the performance of the campaign.

It's time for marketing leaders to break silos and improve collaboration. And content marketers are best equipped to carry out this transformation of the marketing organization – after all, content is the common motto for all marketing programs and points of contact with consumers . And no one knows how to create, run, manage and optimize content better than content marketers.

Shafqat Islam is the co-founder and CEO of NewsCred.

the next evolution of content marketing creating integrated marketing teams - The Next Evolution of Content Marketing: Creating Integrated Marketing Teams