//The Karatgold Coin (KBC) is Now Negotiable on Hitbtc.com and Coinbe.net

The Karatgold Coin (KBC) is Now Negotiable on Hitbtc.com and Coinbe.net



In 1971, US President Richard M. Nixon withdrew the US dollar from the gold standard. As a result of this action, Bretton Woods' international monetary exchange system collapsed. Since then, currencies have been floating currency. Fiat currencies, unlike the old gold-backed currencies, are not backed by any physical assets.

Fiat's currency presents a danger to the citizens of all countries. Backed by nothing, the currencies are subject to rampant inflation. Governments can simply print them at will. As a result, most people have seen the value of their money eroding over time.

The depreciation of fiduciary currencies has made gold more valuable than ever. The supply of gold remains limited. No government can simply print gold. This makes gold the ideal store of value.

Even in a time of economic crisis, when the laws of supply and demand can leave the fiduciary money valueless, the gold, always rare, retains its value. Because it is a safe haven, its value increases even in times of economic uncertainty and chaos.

Since 2011, Karatbars International has helped thousands of individual investors to buy their own gold bullion. The company sells gold in a variety of packages, including for gifts and special occasions. Karatbars makes gold acquisition economical and practical.

The best defense against economic shocks is gold, bought in various small denominations. Small denominations are easy to exchange for silver or goods and services. Each investor should have a portion of their gold resources, an investment they can always count on to retain their value.

Karatbars invents Karatgold Coin (KBC), the first cryptocurrency in the world backed by gold

Cryptocurrency is ahead of other financial technologies. The days of negotiation of fiat money, through bank notes, checks or debit cards, are endangered. The digital world promises a better way. In the new era, global transactions can be completed in seconds using money not subject to the runaway inflation of fiat money.

The blockchain technology on which cryptocurrency is based provides complete security. Since the technology is based on a shared ledger where all the nodes have to agree on a transaction, fraud is impossible, which makes it possible to exchange cryptographic data without going through an intermediary, such as a bank. Blockchain even provides smart contracts, which ensures that the blockchain remains unalterable.

Karatgold Coin (KBC) offers intelligent contracts. It also provides a system already ready to use Karatgold for purchases. These technologies place it in front of other crypto-currencies.

Most importantly, Karatgold Coin (KBC) is backed by physical gold. Some cryptocurrency coins are only supported by an idea. Karatgold Coin (KBC) is backed by gold, so you can rest assured that it will always retain its value.

Karatgold is now available for exchange on hitbtc and coinbe. Savvy investors can buy Karatgold with Bitcoin and hold the first cryptocurrency in the world to be financed by gold.

The Managing Director of Karatbars International Harald Seiz, founded the company in 2011 to make the acquisition of gold convenient for individual investors. He directed Karatbars International according to his credo: to secure the future of people through capital formation.

Mr. Seiz has worked independently in the financial sector since the early 1980s and built his business to more than 60 million euros in the mid-90s. Since 2011, Mr. Harald Seiz lives and works in Stuttgart and speaks regularly as a speaker at quality national and international industry events. He is the author of The Future of Money.