//The Integrated Index of Marketing Maturity: Evaluate Your Organization Today

The Integrated Index of Marketing Maturity: Evaluate Your Organization Today



Integrated marketing increases operational efficiency and optimizes performance by unifying marketing teams. This is not a new concept or a controversial statement the benefits to consumers and brands are clear.

Similarly, silos issues in marketing organizations are the primary marketing concerns: lack of visibility into spend and return on investment, waste and duplication of content, and disjointed customer experience.

So, with all the talk of digital transformation and compartmentalization, what is preventing marketing organizations from fully integrating? Too often, the responsibility for fragmentation and opacity of marketing runs counter to consumer expectations or competitive threats. Market disruption or proliferation of channels. External factors.

The priority of marketing managers and organizations should be to focus on internal collaboration. Integrated marketing is possible (and necessary!) More than ever thanks to technology, and the teams driving this internal alignment are those that will succeed in an era of content velocity, global and local delivery and omni-channel experience.

That's why NewsCred focuses on integrated marketing, governance, and operational efficiency.

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Presentation of the Integrated Marketing Maturity Matrix

We developed the Integrated Marketing Maturity Index (IMMI) to help brands assess their operations and governance skills. This assessment tool was developed from third-party analysis and over ten years of field work with corporate clients, coupled with internal marketing and technical expertise. Using IMMI, leaders in enterprise marketing can evaluate and evaluate their operational effectiveness by answering a set of key questions.

 ADEPT slide.png "width =" 848 "height =" 267.2186046511628 "/></p><p> The IMMI assessment tool relies on the five fundamental capabilities of effective integrated marketing: alignment, design, execution, process and technology.</p><p style= Alignment: Rate your support from the top. We must go beyond the membership of the leaders. you need (or need to be) an executive sponsor who will lead and defend the change. This mandate includes the creation of a cross-functional buy-in, or integrated planning is not possible. The marketing plan should also include an investment in time and budget sufficient for the project team.

Design: Examine your planning model. Do you have a body setting directions for acting as the brand's keeper? Do teams collaborate to prioritize key topics in different marketing disciplines? Is there a shared calendar view of all key campaign activities? Is there a documented marketing taxonomy and a shared language?

Running: This run item examines the rigor of tracking your plan, process, and guidelines. Does your team deliver on time and on a large scale? Is there compliance with best practices for asset tagging appropriately for metadata and taxonomy, auditing for relevance and redundancy? This includes identifying the ability of your team to set up marketing operations and is trained in the functional skills required to succeed. Agile marketing methods often come into play here.

Process: The process section analyzes the workflows that guide your marketing execution, especially the complexity and completeness of these workflows and their documentation. Do your workflows take into account different types of assets, approvals, compliance, and location? Is there also a process for analyzing the campaign and overall marketing performance?

Technology: Technological criteria relate to the fact that your brand has adopted a secure and flexible planning technology solution for long-term collaboration including automation intelligence. Is there a clear line of sight on ideation, presentation, planning, production, publication, distribution, optimization and measurement of content? Ultimately, the technology should help accelerate execution and develop desired team behaviors, such as collaboration and integrated planning. It also includes flexible reporting on campaign, content, and operational performance.

In the end, each of these components breaks down into a single score out of 100 corresponding to our integrated index of marketing maturity. A score of 50 is the average benchmark for success, all that is higher is a move towards mastery. Invest in the fundamentals of A.D.E.P.T. will help you get closer to the top.

 immi-cta-inline.png "width =" 650 "height =" 360 "/> </a></p><h2> How to increase the integrated marketing maturity of your organization</h2><p> The index is intended to provide a baseline assessment and gap assessment for your organization. You can evaluate your shortcomings through A.D.E.P.T. frame and start treating them accordingly. A well-executed marketing operations function and integrated planning will bring the teams together, generate unprecedented efficiency and transform your business.</p><p> <span> Do not know where to start? Investing in integrated planning and campaign management is the best way to manage the complete content experience and, therefore, to acquire and develop loyal customers. Ask two simple questions: on which shared campaigns and which key performance indicators should my teams collaborate? What are the central themes or milestones to which everyone can contribute at the highest level? </span></p><p> <span> Then, do not underestimate the role of shared taxonomy <a href= in marketing collaboration . Establish a clearly defined language and labeling structure for your marketing organization and put governance in place to make sure it is used. As teams begin to manage an increasing number of cross-functional marketing programs and a growing content library, consistent metadata is essential for accurate planning, organization, and metrics.

NewsCred can help marketers adopt a more coherent and collaborative planning and execution model. We have expanded our content marketing platform (NewsCred's CMP, recognized as Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant ) to support integrated marketing and improve the operational efficiency of our customers. We believe it is urgent that marketing organizations become more integrated and collaborative, and that this technology will be the catalyst that will eventually unite the teams.

Location Pham is the Vice President of Strategy and Creative Services for NewsCred.