//The Google assistant can book trips and compare prices for @MattGSouthern's

The Google assistant can book trips and compare prices for @MattGSouthern's



ridesharing services. Google Assistant is now compatible with


At present, transportation services supported include:

Other ridesharing services will be added in the future, says Google.

Users can hail a device from Google Assistant, whether it's an Android phone, an iPhone, Google Home or any other speaker clever.

Wanting a ride is simply saying, "Hey Google, book a ride at Pearson International Airport."

The Google Assistant will then provide you with a list of available transportation services in the area, which will allow users to compare estimated prices and waiting times.

Users can then use the preferred carpooling service to complete the reservation.

Otherwise, users may be more specified if they already know which carpool service they want to use.

This can be done by saying something like, "Hey Google, book a lift to Whole Foods."

If the booking process is started on a Google Home device or another smart speaker, users will need to finish the reservation on their phone after issuing the voice command. .

Google Assistant's Walk Reservation feature is available in English in all countries where the ridesharing services listed above are active. More languages ​​will be supported in the coming months.

This update comes just days after the [1879006] update of Google Assistant to support enhanced integrations with third-party developers.

It seems that developers do not waste time taking advantage of the new features of Google Assistant.

This will be an interesting platform to follow in time.

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