//The Facebook attribution is now available to all advertisers

The Facebook attribution is now available to all advertisers



Facebook began the beta test of an attribution solution allowing marketers to analyze the impact of their campaigns on Facebook and off Facebook in of March 2017 . On Friday, the company released the beta version of Facebook Attribution for all advertisers. It has also introduced a new "data driven attribution model".

Why Should Marketers Be Concerned

This free tool is optimized by Facebook pixel and can generate reports on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger campaigns. These reports are designed to show how Facebook's advertising campaigns have an impact on the actions throughout the customer journey and which channels are the driving force. traffic, conversions and purchases.

Like Google, Facebook's data-driven attribution model uses machine learning to count incremental conversions generated by ads running on its platforms.

"Using a new data-driven attribution model, you can see how your ads on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger are helping to increase business results compared to if you're not running 39; announces, "writes Facebook on his professional blog.

The reports provide cross-device conversion visualizations (example below), information on purchases from paid, organic and direct sources, as well as conversion and visit measures broken down by sources.

More on Facebook Attribution

It is now available in the Business Activity Manager in the "Measure and Report" section of the Tools area.
To use it, you must group your ad accounts, pixels, applications, and offline event sets. Because it relies on machine learning, the system will need time to gather and learn data before a report is available.
A Help Center contains basic information on attribution metrics and configuration tools.
With its version of an attribution tool, Facebook has beaten Google and Amazon at the forefront. The free version of Google is still in beta and Amazon would test his. Unlike Google, Facebook Attribution only creates reports and does not reconnect with Ads Manager to inform bids.

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