//The 12 Best Home Jobs to Make Money Online
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The 12 Best Home Jobs to Make Money Online



yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - The 12 Best Home Jobs to Make Money Online Whether you want to pay the bills, earn extra money, save for your retirement or improve your savings account, I have listed below below the best home jobs to make money at home and online.

1. Friendliness Tests

User-friendliness tests are one of the best jobs at home and the easiest way to make money online fast. You do not need any experience or skill for any user test work that involves testing applications and websites to provide feedback on the user experience. Companies and individuals are recruiting testers online directly or through third-party companies to test their applications and websites.

Here are some reputable companies offering website test and application offerings:

UserTesting Userfeel ] TryMyUI Testbirds

Customers will give you instructions on what to test.

What He Pays – You can earn between $ 5 and $ 10 per test, which usually takes between 15 and 20 minutes. UserTesting pays up to $ 60 per test.

This post interests you I have a list of places that hire web site testers here .

2. Child Care

The child care is one of the best jobs at home for children. parents who stay at home and have young children. If you love children, you can make money by taking care of the children of other people at home as a babysitter or childcare provider. It's also a great way to keep your own kids busy with friends and activities.

Check out sites like Care.com, Sittercity, Babysits and UrbanSitter to find job offers in the online childcare sector.

What He Pays – You Can Expect to Earn Between $ 10 and $ 33 Hourly, Depending on the Number of children you care for, your experience, your certifications, and the location.

Would you like to start? Check out these childcare jobs here .

3. Online Tutoring

If you have a university degree and the talent to teach, you may want to consider becoming an online tutor. Online tutoring is a perfect choice for you if you have expertise in a particular subject. For example, you can give online courses to students in the following areas: match, chemistry, economics, English or any other subject, depending on your expertise to earn money as an online tutor.

You will be teaching students from all over the world face to face using web interface tools such as Skype and so on. You can usually choose your own schedule. Check out the following tutoring agencies or to find these jobs:

Tutor.com Tutorvista Chegg Tutorial . Brainfuse

What He Pays – You can expect to earn between 10 and 25 dollars an hour, according to the companies.

I have a list of tutoring work online here .

4. Remote Social Media Jobs

Are you active on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest? ? You can then work as a remote assistant, manager or social media specialist, depending on your skills and experience. You can earn money online by providing assistance, training and advice on social networks, depending on your skills.

More and more small businesses and busy professionals seek to be present on social media to advertise their products, services, etc. Many of these companies and professionals do not have the time, expertise, or both to manage their social media. You will be responsible for creating social media pages, creating and publishing content on your customers' social media platforms, updating your client's pages, communicating with customers potential or potential customers and performing multiple tasks customer needs.

Here are some of the top places where you can find job postings in online social media:

Upwork Freelancer ] PeoplePerHour Fiverr US $ 99 Time, etc. Appen Mod etc. Indeed The Mediabistro The FlexJobs

What it Pays – The hourly rate of beginners in Social media can range from $ 15 to $ 15 to $ 50 an hour, depending on the job and their skills. You can earn an hourly wage or a fixed rate per project, per week or per month. You can earn from $ 200 to $ 1,000 per month for each client, based on your expertise and that of the client.

You Want to Start I Found a [1945]. List of places that publish job offers on social networks here .

5. Remote Technical Support Specialist

Remote Technical Support is one of the best home-based jobs for making money home. Nowadays, different types of companies hire technical support specialists to work remotely. If you are familiar with information technology and computers, iOS, Android, tablets, databases and other technology and technology tools, you can earn money by solving technical problems encountered. by companies and individuals. Check out these sites to find remote technical support jobs:

AdviseTech Support.com OneSupport Xerox . Accolade Support Apple

What He Pays – Rates of pay vary according to your area of ​​expertise, skills and the customer. You can earn between 10 and 16 dollars an hour, depending on your skills and the area of ​​your expertise.

This job interests you? I found a list of places that hired technical support agents here .

6. Customer Service Representative Jobs

If you are technology savvy, friendly and love to help others, a customer service job at distance can be the best job you can do at home. Companies such as banks, retail stores, restaurants, computer companies, etc., are hiring homeworkers to work as remote customer service representatives.

Typically, you take incoming calls from your home. Some companies will hire you as home-based employees while others will hire as independent contractors. These jobs generally offer flexibility. Check out these sites to find remote customer service offers online:

Hilton American Express Apple Amazon Accolade Support Remote.co We work remotely

What He Pays – You Can You expect to earn around $ 10- $ 22 per hour, depending on the company and your skills.

Would you like to begin I have a list of here . ].

7. Translation Work

Translation work is perfectly suited to people who speak several languages ​​fluently. Various public and private organizations hire home translators to translate written or audio documents from one language into a new language, the target language.

If you specialize in certain industries such as academia, finance, law, etc., you may apply bonuses for your work. In addition, specialization gives you enough basic knowledge to translate the meaning of a given text accurately into the target language.

Discover these sites in order to find online translation jobs:

Verbalizelt Unbabel Appen ] CyraCom Appen CyraCom ) Rev ] The Master Text Upwork . ] – The cost of translation work depends on your skills, experience, translated language and the way you find the jobs. You can expect to earn around $ 12 at the hour. If you are specialized in translating technical, legal or scientific content, you can earn up to $ 50 per hour.

This job interests you? I have a [1945 list of places that recruits translators online here .