//Snapchat gives more than 20 possibilities to its partners to discover the crowdsource content of our stories

Snapchat gives more than 20 possibilities to its partners to discover the crowdsource content of our stories



In the coming weeks, more than 20 Discover partners from Snapchat will be able to create their own Our Stories content from publicly submitted videos and snapshots, and use them on their Discover channels as well as for to integrate. on their own websites and social channels.

Discover partners may include additional editorials for their articles, such as text or graphics, to give more context to an image or video.

Snapchat is also monetizing the newly created content of Our Stories by placing ads in the Snaps collection and sharing the revenue generated by the ads with their respective Discover partners. Ads placed in Our Stories are purchased through the platform's ad manager, advertisers can select an app placement or premium content, but not through the Discover channel. Any content in Our Stories embedded outside of Snapchat will not include ads.

Here is the complete list of selected partners who will be able to generate crowdsource content:

Daily mail
Harper's Bazaar
L & # 39; craze
Lad Bible
Stories of love TV
NBC News
NBC Sports
NBC's Today Show
New York Post
Now that
Refinery 29
L & # 39; tab
whaling ship

Overtime CEO Dan Porter said he was thrilled to partner with Snap to organize "fan videos on the ground" and turn them into additional content on Snapchat. The CEO of Group Nine Media also commented on this announcement.

"This new conservation tool allows us to focus even more on what we do best: take part in the conversation and tell authentic stories that deeply touch young people," said Leher.

Launched for the first time in 2015, Our Stories was originally a content created by Snapchat's own editorial team. Snap says its editors will continue to create our stories, in addition to those created by Discover partners.

More than 75 million people watched the content of Our Story on Snapchat's Discover platform over the past month and thousands of websites have incorporated the content of Our Story because Snapchat has enabled brands and publishers to share content Snap app as part of its Stories Everywhere initiative.

By giving its Discover partners a new way of preserving and distributing content, Snapchat aims to win back the lost public after it launched a major overhaul last year. The company saw a slight increase of its daily active users between the fourth quarter of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018, but a two percent decline of its active users three months later. .

The true test of the popularity of this initiative lies in the speed with which Facebook or Instagram takes it back for its own Stories content.

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