//Small brands have big stories to tell, says Skift founder
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Small brands have big stories to tell, says Skift founder



"Something is happening all over the world that makes" little ones "an important part of our lives." It dates from Rafat Ali CEO and Founder of Skift ] a platform that aims to change the way the travel industry looks at itself. He presented his philosophy on how to think small and change the story can change the world to NewsCred's ThinkContent 2018 .

Ali started talking with a little thought: when most people start their careers or are in college, the advice they usually receive is to "think big." and encouraging young people to "think small" could be more relevant to the world we live in today. We are in an era of small brands with great stories to tell, says Ali.

Small Brands Have Huge Moments In Content Marketing Right Now Including Harry's, Everlane, Thirdlove, Burrow, Forward, Vawaa, more. And if you notice, most of these brands are focused on travel, retail and food arguably the three most popular sectors for young consumers.

Here are his thoughts on the reasons for this movement, as well as how small brands can use storytelling to fuel their growth.

Share what you represent

"Young people cling to brands as a means of transmitting their lives," says Ali. In fact, he says, the young and progressive world seeks a sense of shared values ​​and community with the brands that interest them. Young people talk a lot about social media about it, he adds, noting that what a company represents is just as important as its products and services to build brand loyalty.

Young consumers are looking for credible, authentic and vulnerable stories from brands. "It helps small brands that can tell stories like that. independent, human-centered businesses that embrace the primacy of the individual consumer, "says Ali.

Some of the things that help small brands stand out in the world of cluttered content:

Provenance: share the story of your brand.
Crafts: Small brands can focus on one thing and do it well so that quality is optimal.
Description: Give the story behind the brand, be it your founders, employees or customers.
Local pride: how does your brand deal with the corporate culture?

Establishing Personal Connections

It was not so long ago, if you had 10 million unique visitors, you had a great site; now 100 million is small, Ali notes. But small and powerful brands can focus more on the impact that they have on people than on the number of customers. He says that the big question that small brands should ask themselves is: "How much of their life is it for people who care about us?"

When users are part of your growth story, they will buy and they will be with you for life, says Ali. They will follow the mark through ups and downs.

Show off your small brand culture

According to Ali, human-powered brands have the ability to create closer relationships with their own employees. As an employer, Skift makes ambitious promises to its employees:

You will do the best job of your life.
You will be happiest that you have ever been to work.
And you will be ready for life.

"It's the big North Star that we continue to aim for and the kind of brand promise that can only happen in a small business," says Ali.

Ali encourages traders from smaller brands or lesser brands to keep thinking small. The little girl is not just a stepping stone, it's a destination in itself, says Ali. "Staying small and having a smaller footprint in this world is a good way to go from here"

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Dawn Papandrea is a contributor to NewsCred.

small brands have big stories to tell says skift founder - Small brands have big stories to tell, says Skift founder