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What does building links for your website do?

He increases his domain authority and inscribes it as a reliable source, in addition to being one of the major factors for obtaining a website on a search engine.

In fact, around 22.33% of Google's ranking algorithm is based on the popularity of links of a web page. This rate forced 37% companies to invest in building links at a budget of about $ 10,000, sometimes reaching $ 50,000.

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There are many ways to establish links for example for testimonials and blogs, but in this article you will find the most effective, simple and easy to understand ways.

So, without further ado, let's start with the first one.

1. Optimized social sharing

Social media is one of the best ways to connect the building. Only if you know how to use the benefits.

However, a handful of SEO experts rejects this idea, but the majority still prefers to have a strong one.

The construction of links on these platforms is not so complex, they are rather simple and effective.

Update of social pages with working links

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You can start with the method that 88% of SEO experts trust: update your social and brand profile as well as pages with work links on your website.

If you encounter a potential place to add backlinks, go ahead, this includes articles on the latest blogs or even your biography. However, keep in mind that landing pages must be correct.

Increased usability with social listening

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Have you ever noticed that every time you post something that criticizes a brand and its services, you receive an answer instantly? It's because brands monitor what people say about them, they watch comments, mentions, everything. This helps them to evaluate what they need to improve. This whole monitoring process is called Social Listening .

But social listening goes beyond comments and mentions, a brand must participate in conversations and follow trends to better understand who says what and why.

By effectively following this practice, brands can generate links to their websites.

During the monitoring, you will evaluate what the audience wants and you can create content according to their tastes. And if they get what they are looking for, the chances of them sharing it with their friends, peers and social media are increasing; in the end, by increasing the range. In addition, your message will attract a totally different audience.

The key is to attract the public and make your messages more shareable by attracting them with interesting content removed from social listening.

Following this process regularly may interest the public and get the visibility needed to gain backlinks.

Also choose a social media platform based on your target audience. Let's say that if you are targeting women, then you should focus more on Pinterest (60%), Instagram (58%), Facebook (52%) .

But you should not ignore other social media platforms (like Twitter, Snapchat) because they also have enough potential to bring backlinks.

You can even read articles on some ingenious social media linking strategies here .

Visuals Can Improve Traceability

Another way to increase sharing and gain backlinks is to create more visual than textual content.

People tend to share more visual content 40X than any other form of content on social media. Also, if you include colorful images in your posts, people are 80% more likely to read and engage in this content.

In addition, visual content is not limited to images, you can also include videos, GIFs, and computer graphics.

Key point to remember:
Social media offers a variety of ways to connect. All you have to do is focus on sharing your messages through visual content such as videos, images and social listening.

2. The power of computer graphics

We can not deny that in a fight between visual and text content, the first will always take the trophy home.

Visual content can engender engagement and scope, whether it's videos, images, GIFs, or computer graphics, and all of them may be of interest the public.

But when you search for backlinks, infographics are more effective than others.

Why infographics?

Infographics are a combination of text, images and design, which makes them more attractive and gives them the potential to become viral. And of course, they have a high sharing ratio that can not be ignored.

On social media platforms, infographics are shared 3 times more than any other form of content.

In addition, they contain large amounts of information that can be easily consumed. Bloggers tend to share infographics on their blogs. If your infographic contains the data and quality sought by bloggers, you will get the backlinks.

Key point to remember : Infographics are easy to consume on the move. This increases their ability to share and therefore their interest in attracting backlinks.

3. The broken link win-win situation

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The creation of broken links is an effective method when it is tactically followed. In the opposite case, it is only a long method that gives a minimum assurance to a productive result.

This tactic involves monitoring the content of your niche websites looking for broken links that do not work or that arise on a 404 error page. The trick is to approach these sites Web with dead links and offer them better links to your site.

This way you will get links to your website for free and webmasters will get a working link with better information. A win-win situation.

According to the current scenario, each site is updated in a consistent way, it is possible to locate enough broken links. Take Apple for example this technology. The industry giant has nearly 8 million links leading to error 404.

The increasing number of dead links can affect the conversion of a website, increase its bounce rate and even degrade the ranking. You can take advantage of this for your benefit and get backlinks.

Key Action to Take : Creating broken links only provides benefits when you find the right opportunities and you provide a valuable replacement for broken links.

4. Channeling the local presence

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Local SEO is booming with search engines aiming to make their search results more and more user-friendly.

For example, when you say "Ok Google, restaurants near my home". You are offered with a list of restaurants located in your locality.

Local SEO derives this information from quotes and directories online. So, whether it's the restaurant or any other local business, it's crucial for them to sign up on such platforms for recognition, visibility and ranking.

You can even link them to your website, 76% Local SEOs view these platforms as a tactical way to develop backlinks.

You can register links in online directories such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Yahoo, etc.

With more and more links to your website, the authority of the domain will increase, forcing users and search engines to consider your website as reliable.

Key Action : For local businesses, it makes sense to take advantage of their local presence through local quotes to better connect construction.

5. 2018: A simple hacking liaison building

If you meet two headlines:

a. Simple ways to better build the link 2017
b. Simple means to improve the connection between buildings 2018

Which one would you choose?

Of course "b."

Publications with such titles are likely to gain participation because people are more interested in knowing what is "most recent".

If you treat content with words like "free", "trend", "later", you are hitting for people's curiosity.

Because of this fact, other websites and bloggers will access your article to provide their audience with the latest research papers and facts.

Key Action to Take : The use of words such as "2018", "Top", "Newest" creates an urgency in your readers and constitutes a hack useful for winning backlinks.

6. Use of the publication possibilities of the guests

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Guest Display : The simplest but most effective way to create links.

You can go to many of your niche websites and ask them for a guest position. This is a time consuming task as websites do not always respond in time.

But whenever you have the opportunity to hold a position you should not let it down. Instead, you should take it and create quality content.

It is advisable to approach websites with higher domain rights for publishing guest posts to strengthen your rankings and authority. Even if you get a website with a low DA, you also must not compromise the quality of your message.

The best part of the guest article is that you can insert relevant links to your website, but first check if the site allows you to do so.

Key Measure to Take : The publication of guests is a powerful way to create quality links, but organic products are more than worthwhile.

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