//Selling Bottled Oxygen at £ 300,000
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Selling Bottled Oxygen at £ 300,000



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Have You Ever Heard About HushHush ? This is a website often called Amazon for millionaires. You can find the most expensive items in the world at the click of a mouse. And guess what of these objects? That's right, you breathe it now. HushHush now sells bottled oxygen! And at a rate of between £ 55,500 and £ 329,650 …

Why is it so expensive?

"Million-air" bottles contain air from the cleanest, cleanest areas of the world, including the South American Andes, the Canadian Rockies, and even the Lake District. The most expensive bottle on site contains oxygen from Mount Everest and costs £ 329,650. The new category provides clean air for people seeking clean air from some of the cleanest regions in the world.

Bottled oxygen on the website starts selling between £ 55,500 and £ 329,650, depending on the size and source of the bottle. Bottles from the Alps, Himalayas, Arctic, Snowdonia and Scottish Highlands are being developed.

Yes, but why is it too expensive?

Bottles allow the inhabitants of heavily polluted cities to buy and consume fresh oxygen from the cleanest regions of the world. The bottles also allow people who have left their birthplace to buy a sample of their "domestic" air.

This is still not an explanation of the huge price, but it is an opportunity to make quick money. Things are selling at this kind of price because people are willing to pay. When you have enough zeros in your bank account, you start to see things differently (we assume) and you can justify paying £ 300,000 for a nice bottle of Everest air.

How can I participate?

Take a bottle and head to an exotic place. No seriously, do it. We do not know exactly how it will work or how anyone will know if the air is "authentic". But no matter, if you find a way to rate yourself in this market, you win the jackpot.

Be that as it may, there must be a market for that. According to Aaron Harpin, founder and CEO of HushHush.com, they added the category of bottled oxygen bottles as there was a growing demand for on-site applications. Aaron says:

"By offering" bottled oxygen ", we hope that our rich consumers will enjoy the purest air possible without having to travel to the end of the world. We believe that our customers deserve the best in life and with this unique product we offer clean air wherever they live. "

Well, we are not sold yet, but if you plan to go to Everest Base Camp in the next few months, consider taking a bottle with you …