//Sell 10p coins for £ 100
sell 10p coins for 100 - Sell 10p coins for £ 100

Sell 10p coins for £ 100



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This is the dream of every collector. The ability to whip rare coins for much more than the value of the currency itself.

What are we talking about?

The 10p parts of the alphabet of course!

The coins of the alphabet were originally put into circulation almost a year ago. Despite the fact that there were 100,000, or 2.6 million in total, they were in high demand and broke online.

And it is not surprising that they are in great demand. A complete set is worth over £ 100 for the right buyer.

Last year, it was announced that some parts would become rarer and more valuable than others, experts thinking that the letters B, E, F, L and T would be the most popular.

The Coins

You have the choice between a complete alphabet, all unique.

Each letter represents a typically British element.

A – Angel of the North
B – Bond … James Bond
C – Cricket
D – Two-stage bus
E – English breakfast
F – Fish & Chips
G – Greenwich Mean Time
H – Houses of Parliament
I – ice cone
J – Jubilee
K – King Arthur
L – Loch Ness Monster
M – Mackintosh
N – National Health Service
O – Oak
P – Mailbox
Q – Queuing
R – Robin
S – Stonehenge
T – Teapot
U – Flag of the Union
V – Village
W – World Wide Web
X – X marks the place
Y – Yeoman
Z – Zebra crossing

Which one is your favorite piece? Comments below! We particularly like B for Bond and N for NHS. He does not become more British than that.

Which coins have the most value?

The piece of the letter E remains the most valuable, with an estimated price of around £ 8, while the B piece for Bond can bring in around £ 6 at auction. The letters G and L – for the Greenwich mean time and the Loch Ness monster – are usually £ 5. And as we said before, the complete collection could bring you around £ 100, but it would take a lot of commitment to find them all!

How many pieces of 10p are there?

The estimates of the Royal Mint 2016 suggest that there would be 1.7 billion 10p coins in circulation … so, good luck for the research …

Fortunately, the 10p commemorative coin game, based on the 26 letters of the alphabet, will be reissued, an additional 2.1 million have been added!

Do you know of any other valuable coins? Let us know in the comments below, we are always looking for new ways to make extra dosh.