//Scripted Revision: Get Paid Online for Easy Writing Duties
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Scripted Revision: Get Paid Online for Easy Writing Duties



If you love to write and have a great knowledge of a particular topic or Plus, writing for others via Scripted is a great way to earn extra money. You can write articles or blog posts during your free time. If you are interested in writing for Scripted, I will cover everything you need to learn to become a scripted writer below in this article.

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How does writing work for scripted works?

Once you have claimed a job, you will need to complete it within the allotted time. Most jobs have a deadline of three business days, although there are also jobs with shorter lead times. Once you have submitted your work, an editor will review your work. Two things can happen. If the job is good, the publisher will forward it to an administrator. If the publisher asks you to modify your work, you have 24 hours to submit the changes.

Once the publisher has forwarded your work to an administrator, he or she can send it to the client for review, or may request that you make changes to your piece. You will have to submit these revisions within 24 hours before sending the piece to the customer.

Once your work is sent to the client, three things can happen. First, the customer will accept your piece, which means that the payment will be immediately added to your account. Second, the customer will ask for some changes before accepting your work. You will have two working days to submit these revisions. The client will likely accept your work after making these revisions. Thirdly, the client will refuse the work if the piece you have written does not really meet his requirements. will not be able to submit the work on time. Releasing tasks close to the deadline can have a negative impact on the duration of your writer. So be sure to only ask for the jobs you know you can finish.

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How to find and claim scripts on scripts?

There are three ways to find work on Scripted. Any unclaimed write jobs that are available to you will be visible in the Jobs section. A section entitled Requests for Presentation allows you to present topics directly to buyers or customers based on the instructions provided. The Topic Markets section allows you to address topics to all customers based on topics in demand.

Once you have access to the system, you can claim unclaimed work available to you and other writers by clicking the job button itself. When you click on a job to claim, the details of the job and additional instructions will open. If you are interested in working, click on "Take Job".


Scripted reports more money per article, blog post and so on. than other sites. Payments for non-US residents are sent via PayPal. All PayPal payments for writers at Scripted will automatically be sent to the email associated with their Scripted Editor account. All payments for US resident writers will be sent via Bill.com. After completing your Scripted profile, you will receive an invitation email to join Bill.com which is free. The Bill.com account allows you to choose to receive payments by check or direct deposit (electronic payment).

Payments for scripted writers are paid every two months. The payment process is initiated 1) the 15th of the month or the previous working day if the 15th falls on a weekend and 2) the last working day of each month. When you receive the payment that varies depending on your location and your method of payment.


If you are looking for flexible online freelance writing jobs, become a scriptwriter to find writing assignments that match your experience, interests and schedule. You can earn a good side income by writing to Scripted during your free time.

Start Here – https://www.scripted.com/become-a-scripted-writer