//Scoop.it joins Linkfluence to become a world-leading social watch company
scoop it joins linkfluence to become a world leading social watch company 760x490 - Scoop.it joins Linkfluence to become a world-leading social watch company

Scoop.it joins Linkfluence to become a world-leading social watch company



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It's been 7 years since we started the Scoop.it adventure. From the beginning, when Scoop.it was a simple, innovative content curation tool, as well as the powerful, comprehensive content monitoring suite we offer today, from our first beta testers to the more than 5 million 39, current users and since its inception. finding a sustainable business model has been a great journey.

At the end of 2017, we took a new step and launched our content intelligence solution . Our ambition was to go further than Web filtering. We wanted to use artificial intelligence to analyze the tens of millions of content sources we explore with Scoop.it. In doing so, we sought to better understand the topics covered in this content and to derive relevant and data-driven information for marketers.

This change has brought us to the next big thing: today, I am pleased to inform you that Scoop.it was acquired by Linkfluence A leading company of social listening .

Why do we do this?

Like Scoop.it, Linkfluence has developed a technology to analyze, index, and analyze content by artificial intelligence. However, if Scoop.it focuses on online media content, such as blogs, news sites or video platforms, Linkfluence focuses on social listening to help marketers understand their customers and the perception that they have of their marks. To do this, Linkfluence analyzes and filters every day hundreds of millions of public conversions on the social Web. Of course, given this volume of data, artificial intelligence such as natural language processing – a type on which Scoop.it works – is essential. The combination of two research and development teams will help Linkfluence accelerate the construction of the next generation of artificial intelligence models in order to derive a sense of the social Web.

Another thing that Scoop.it will bring to Linkfluence is an American presence. Although Linkfluence has been hugely successful with global brands in Europe and Asia, it still remains to set foot in the United States. The headquarters of Scoop.it in San Francisco will become Linkfluence's first US office, allowing it to serve the group's clients around the world from 6 offices: London, Paris, Düsseldorf, Singapore, Shanghai and now San Francisco.

From the end of Scoop.it, we also had a lot to do at Linkfluence. First, we share the same long-term mission of developing technology to understand the Web. Secondly, Linkfluence has built a great multicultural team across Europe and Asia with a corporate culture very close to ours. Third, Linkfluence has built strong relationships with global brands with a unique business model combining SaaS platform technology and research services provided by a team of more than 100 analysts. The ability to leverage their own technology generates significant value for global brands and is a model we have been considering developing at Scoop.it to bypass the learning curve of a new platform.

And there was one more thing.

While the former CEO of Linkfluence wanted to retire, the board was looking for a new leadership with the mission of developing the company in the United States. Given the above, I felt very happy when they proposed me the position and I am happy to say that I accepted the challenge and that I was appointed new CEO of Linkfluence .

What will happen to Scoop.it?

This agreement creates many synergies. The most obvious are the technologies and the platforms. We have already started to implement them. At the product level, we want to make Scoop.it a standalone product because of its unique user experience and special focus on curating content. Thus, if you are an existing user or customer or if you plan to use Scoop.it in the future, do not worry, Scoop.it stays true to reality and will continue to offer its users a conservation experience well-known content, simple and powerful. At the team level, we will continue to provide a high level of support to our valuable customers and users and continue to offer technology that allows you to search and publish the best content for marketing and knowledge-sharing purposes. .

And as Linkfluence also announces a new $ 21 million financing Scoop.it joins a sustainable company in the marketing technology sector.

On behalf of the entire Scoop.it team, I want to thank you all for your trust. We could never have gone so far without our investors who launched us into difficult conditions our first users who gave us their advice and our validation at an early stage, our millions of dollars. users who pushed us constantly to improve. Of course, the many companies and companies that have become customers of Scoop.it and have entrusted us with strategic content projects. We are extremely grateful to you all and look forward to continuing this great journey together.

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