//Sales teams can take advantage of marketing tools. Here is how
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Sales teams can take advantage of marketing tools. Here is how



Whether the discussion is about the quality of the prospect, the buyer's personalities or the content, it seems that the sales and marketing departments have an endless battle to stay in phase. With respect to content, the sales team rarely uses the content created by the marketing team – in fact, 90% of the content developed for sale is never used for sale (eMarketer) .

Why? In most cases, sales teams do not think that the content developed by marketers speaks clearly to their prospects, or that it does not respond to common objections discovered in the sales process. The unification of these teams would allow both parties to save time and increase their chances of achieving their sales goals.

Do not be afraid. You do not have to spend time and resources creating long form content for your sales team – most companies have great marketing tools and tools that can be leveraged, which can reduce the gap between sales and marketing and mitigate the outlook. Funnel:

Webinars: Invite the best prospects to host

Webinars are a proven tactic to generate leads. An internal expert on the subject organizes a webinar on a particular subject and prospects are invited to attend. Upon registration, contact information is collected and thrown into the sales funnel. It's an effective marketing strategy to target a broad group of prospects across a large network, but it's not geared to your main prospects or big fish goals.

To have an impact on your main prospects, approach. individuals to be participants in the webinar vs. participants. Make the opportunity to be a featured participant, using your potential prospects and personalizing these opportunities. It is essential to find out what is passionate about the person and to create a webinar that addresses that interest or area of ​​expertise. The marketing manager responsible for the webinar and the sales manager must work together to determine the targeted leads and the topic of the webinar.

Once the prospect (s), if you can find additional experts in your prospect. pool) agrees to participate, the marketing manager and account manager can use a discovery call or meeting about the webinar to learn more about the prospect to use later. It is wise to invite a current customer to participate as well, as a customer can serve as a third party validation if the potential customer is interested in knowing how to collaborate with your business.

Media Coverage: Search for Thought Leadership

Many marketers do not think about using the knowledge of their sales team to shape the launch angles of media, but they miss out on a great opportunity. In the end, your sales team contacts prospects to discover a recurring problem that can be solved with the company's product or service. In the sales process, there are likely common issues or objections raised by prospects – information that can be used as informed leadership for media outreach.

How? One solution is to understand what these common questions are and turn them into an article written by a company spokesperson and intended to be presented to the media. For example: "3 questions to ask when auditing outsourced IT vendors", "5 risks to consider when moving data to the cloud", "Top reasons why the legal industry is ready to sign digital signatures ". If a canceled article is placed in your media business or national media as added content, put it in the hands of the sales team and use it for outreach (part of an email sequence, in their email signatures etc.) to move the leads further into the funnel. Because the information comes from the sales team, they will not be reluctant to use it and third-party validation of a media source adds credibility to the message.

In addition to an enlightened leadership coverage [ any feature of the company, case study or product coverage defined in the press shall be communicated to the sales team and used for awareness purposes.

Video: Testimonials, Trade Shows

Would you rather consume – a written case study or a video testimony? Most would choose the last one. Marketers know that visual content is more convincing than text and that video is the most powerful of all. The obvious tip and the fruit at hand in video is to make sure that you invest in it as part of your content strategy. The outlook is that people like them face the same problem as yours. Capturing a customer telling their story on video is therefore a fantastic point of contact for the sales team, far more effective than sending a video demonstration of the upgrade of the new platform.

A unique tactic that benefits both sales and marketing teams: integrating a video content strategy with trade show planning. An industry trade show probably brings you closer to your exhibiting competitors, all competing to attract the attention of shared prospects. How do you stand out? Treat prospects as industry experts and invite them to your booth to share their point of view on a particular topic, captured on video. Ask the sales team to identify the 10 best prospects of the show and ask the marketing team to contact them before the show. Through communication with a marketing contact, the potential customer will feel less "sold to" and more likely to plan a time to come to the booth and participate.

With a full schedule of videos at the show, the seller can meet. In-person leads and the marketing team can use the final video as a marketing piece to use in post-exhibition campaigns.


Sales and marketing may never live in perfect harmony, but there are many marketing tactics that can be invaluable to the sales team. Webinars, media coverage and video are three innovative ways to bring these two teams together. It requires constant communication between departments, who work together to discover the other marketing treasures that will produce more qualified leads.

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sales teams can take advantage of marketing tools here is how - Sales teams can take advantage of marketing tools. Here is how

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