//Review of Working Solutions: Flexible Customer Service Job with Benefits
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Review of Working Solutions: Flexible Customer Service Job with Benefits



If you are thinking of working from home around your own schedule, becoming a Working Solutions agent may be right for you.

Agents assist clients with sales, service, and technical support transactions. The agents of Working Solutions are independent independent contractors. Although Working Solutions employs agents from around the world, many of their programs are reserved for residents of the United States.

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review of working solutions flexible customer service job with benefits - Review of Working Solutions: Flexible Customer Service Job with Benefits

What works?

Working Solutions, founded in 1996, is one of the world's leading virtual workforce companies. Becoming a Work Solutions Officer might be right for you, if you are looking for a job at home with more freedom and mobility.

How to become a homeworker?

Step 1: To become an agent of Working Solutions, the first step is to complete an online agent application. Make sure you complete the application thoroughly and accurately so that you have a better chance of being contacted for program opportunities. Make sure to update your app.

Step 2: Once your application is complete, a very brief technology scan will be run to tell you if your PC meets their requirements. Then you will need to complete a series of written and telephone assessments. You will need a PC and a phone for the assessments and you will have less than an hour to complete the application process. Make sure to finish the assessments from a quiet space and speak clearly during telephone assessments.

Step 3: Within two working days, you will be notified by email if you have passed the ratings. If you succeed, then you will be considered for program opportunities that seem to match your skills, experience, home office setup and availability. A match may occur immediately or may take a little longer. Each program has different requirements.

Step 4: Working Solutions will contact you by e-mail as soon as there is a potential match between a program and your application and the results of your evaluation. If you accept the terms and you are selected, Working Solutions will send you an independent contractor contract.

Step 5: Once selected for the program, you will have to go through a virtual preparation session or an interview. If you spend the interview, you will become an agent.


If you want to become a work solutions agent, most of their programs require that you have the following:

A computer up to date A high-speed Internet connection A landline telephone Excellent verbal communication skills, customer service and Business Skills Willingness to Work Hard Desire to Succeed A Quiet Workplace

What Do Agents Do?

Agents work mainly for customer service and technical support, data entry and editing projects . Working Solutions also uses professionals to provide technical assistance in the areas of electronics, website usage, software and telephony.

Officers are eligible to work on two projects at once, and occasionally on three projects based on their schedule or time requirements. If you are reliable and your performance is good, Working Solutions will take care of you. If the project you worked on ends, you can indicate your availability for additional projects, provided that you have spent at least 50 hours successfully.

Why Working for Working Solutions?

If you love the independence of the virtual world of work and the flexibility of your work, Working Solutions is the company that you need.

The main advantages are the possibility of working from home. and work when it suits you, because you can schedule your own work hours. If you regularly perform the hours to which you are committed and that you execute your projects well, you will get priority planning. 19459004 19459002 There are no long distance charges if you wish to work by telephone. Incoming calls are routed to your home office, so your privacy is always preserved.

How much can I earn?

It depends on the program you are working on your performance, the availability of work and the number of hours you choose to work.

Working Solutions agents earn between $ 7.50 and $ 30 per hour, depending on the program. Some programs pay at the check-in or at the entrance. Some pay in minutes of conversation or sales, or a combination of both, while others pay a set amount per program.

Working Solutions also has a sponsorship program. You can receive a credit each time you bring them a qualified agent, indicating to your agent the agent identification number indicated on their application.


Working Solutions agents are independent contractors who do not have traditional benefits. However, Working Solutions offers several benefits of the agent community, such as discounts to major IT retailers, as well as agent rewards and referral programs.

How will I be paid?

Solutions offers direct deposit or sends checks by mail. They issue checks twice a month to agents who billed completed work.

Getting Started

Go here to begin the application process with Working Solutions. Good luck!

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