//Report: Amazon Prime Day is no longer restricted to Premium members
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Report: Amazon Prime Day is no longer restricted to Premium members



It is possible to number the days of Amazon that have the largest number of shopping days in the summer. Large retailers, with annual sales in excess of $ 1 billion, saw their sales increase 64 percent on the first day of this year's Prime Day compared to their average sales on Monday, according to Adobe. It is the same as when the same retailers had seen their sales increase by 54% last year.

"The first day of Prime Day saw a substantial increase in online spending in the United States, suggesting that Amazon is no longer the only winner of the summer vacation for the shopping, "says Adobe.

Sales are Not Enough for Small Retailers

Adobe reports that small niche retailers also benefit from Amazon's First Day. Companies with annual sales of less than $ 5 million saw their online sales increase by 30% on the first day of Prime Day 2019.

Overall, retailers out of Amazon recorded an increase in web traffic on their 24-hour Prime Day sites, accounting for 66 percent of revenue growth.

E-Mail Revenue

E-mail marketing efforts paid off on the first day, according to Adobe: "Brands that have delivered excellent e- emails experiences have seen revenues increase by 50%. In comparison, those who did not have a good e-mail strategy only recorded an increase of 17%. "

Adobe said that, overall, e-mail campaigns accounted for a 7.6% higher revenue share.

Amazon's results up to Now

Amazon has announced that the first day of Monday was the "biggest 24-hour sales day" in the history of the company.This is the first time that Amazon extends Prime Day to two days, so there is another day left to go.

"The first day of Marlowe had a very good start with sales up 2,000% over Prime Day last year, our ointment, launched yesterday, is the fastest growing product we've ever had, "said a representative of Marlowe, an Amazon vendor offering a range of face and facial products. Men's Hair Sweet Water Décor, another small business of Amazon, has announced an increase in its sales of 255% the first day of Prime Day.

Why we should care

Adobe data show that the first day of Monday was the third E-commerce spending exceeded 2 billion dollars outside the holiday season. Labor Day 2018 and Remembrance Day 2019 are the other two days spent at $ 2 billion. Prime Day is also now considered the kickoff of the Back to School according to many professionals in the sector.

Many online retailers find themselves competing with Amazon all year, but summertime shopping has turned out to be a boon to savvy advertisers who figured out how to take advantage of Prime Day promotions .

A poll of Adlucent revealed that 68% of online shoppers had plans outside of Amazon on opening day, giving retailers the opportunity to dissociate consumers sales of this day.

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