//Release Notes: Marketo Unveils Fall-Related Updates, Adds AI Configuration and Improves Bizable

Release Notes: Marketo Unveils Fall-Related Updates, Adds AI Configuration and Improves Bizable



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Now member of the Adobe family Marketo has announced his updates about the fall, which aim to improve the efficiency and understanding of users of marketing. Here are some of the main elements of this publication.

Take advantage of the AI ​​for account setup. Users can now use the artificial intelligence of the predictive scoring company Mintigo to automatically create accounts for a given strategy, in seconds.

The integrated sales engagement. Introduced in the spring, Sales Engage is designed as a next-generation sales activation platform. This component has been integrated with Salesforce Lightning, allowing users to build and deploy cloud-based mini-apps with little or no coding. This integration highlights the fact that, even though Marketo is now part of Adobe, its users frequently use Salesforce, primarily because of its customer relationship management system.

Sales Engage is now also available for Outlook 365, Outlook, and Windows Web Application mail clients for Office 365.

Marketo Sky refreshed. Launched last spring, Sky is also a more effective way to plan and manage campaigns. It now has a look and feel with new colors, new spaces, new layouts and new typography.

To improve efficiency, frequently used features are now directly available on the Marketo Activities Homepage. Contextual information is also available for specific functions on the same page, for example when running campaigns.

Design Studio in Sky can now display landing page or email templates in a list view, to create resources, and to drag and drop images or files.

Bizble refined. Acquired last spring by Marketo, a further improvement improves the time of integration of Bizible performance management software.

This means, according to Marketo, "that customers no longer need to become familiar with installing a package or solution in their CRM to get started in Bizible ". Instead you create an account, ads, and a CRM. connections, then configure.

There is also the general availability of Bizible Discover, also launched last spring, which offers data and performance information, and a single sign-on feature for the Bizible Web application.

Dashboards can now define time ranges of up to 24 months, new scaling settings, and a Performance Insights alert with an icon showing active alerts related to quality or data configuration.

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