//REALLY REALLY Make Money With Sponsored Messages (Updated 2018 with Resources)

REALLY REALLY Make Money With Sponsored Messages (Updated 2018 with Resources)



This is an update of # 39, October 2018 of an article published in January 2015.

You can monetize your website in different ways, for example, sell or place ads and offer your products or services.

One of the most lucrative ways to make money with your blog is certainly with sponsored posts.

In this article I will give you some tips for generating revenue with sponsored reviews and I will show you four interesting resources that I use successfully.

What is a sponsored message?

Sponsored publications (or sponsored journals) are articles commissioned by third parties (usually advertisers or agencies), in which you usually write your point of view and experience of specific products or services.

Normally you get in touch with potential advertisers offering to write the comment or you can also contact them directly.

There are advantages and disadvantages of sponsored publications, but if you put yourself in the shoes of your readers, you will have only simple advantages.

Like everything in life, use some common sense.

General Tips for Earning Money with Sponsored Messages

First of all, you wish to have a beautiful presentation and a professional design (I use the custom theme Genesis Framework [19459007here)

Make sure you have an original and unique logo and that your blog's box is filled with important items like a subscription box or social accounts.

After that, you want to create an advertising page (with your media kit), in which you explain to blogs statistics your potential advertisers. You want to showcase the best of your website, so make sure to write down your highlights, such as your monthly impressions and visits, your social numbers or your newsletter statistics.

There are different networks in which you can create a profile for advertisers (and below in this article I will suggest websites that I use to earn money with sponsored publications ). On the other hand, if you want to try to find yourself advertisers you can read this guide:

How to find advertisers for your blog – 7 tips for making money online

But, how much should you charge for a sponsored job?

It really depends on such parameters as traffic to your blog or SEO rankings. I received between $ 150 and $ 500 on nopassiveincome.com, depending on the project.

To set your rate, consider the following:

How many sponsored posts will you publish each month?
Can you offer something more, like a social promotion, for example?
How long will you spend on the examination of the product or service?
How many readers do you have?

Once you've set a reasonable price for your site, it's also important that you adhere to Google's guidelines. Check the following:

All paid links do not violate our instructions. The buying and selling of links are an integral part of the Web's economy for advertising purposes and not for manipulating search results. Links purchased for advertising must be designated as such. This can be done in several ways, such as:

Addition of an attribute rel = "nofollow" to the tag
Redirecting links to an intermediate page blocked from search engines with a robots.txt file

Do not forget that accepts advertisers related to your niche . When you receive new requests, always ask yourself:

Will this sponsored message help my audience?
Will this product or service be useful to readers of my blog?

If the answer is yes, then continue.

As promised, keep reading to discover the websites I use to make money with the sponsored posts of my blog.


They were previously LinkVehicle and they recently renamed ValuedVoice .

Once you have registered, you can submit your blog. Make sure you add the title, description, category and price of your website:

Do not forget to fill in your profile with your information and, most importantly, your PayPal address.

Once your blog is on their system, you just have to wait for sponsored publishing opportunities.

I work them every month. I have submitted almost all my niche sites (related to business, finance, social media, etc.).

Here is a screen shot, for example, of my most recent earnings:

Payments are made via PayPal, with free withdrawals on the first day of each month.

You will start with a free account. However, you may decide to upgrade to a Premium or Professional Influencer account.

I have a premium account (only $ 3 per month) and I can request a withdrawal 72 hours after the end of the missions.

I also noticed that I was getting more work compared to a free account:

To start making money with ValuedVoice, make sure to register here .


This is another platform where I receive assignments every month.

You can register here and submit your blogs.

Let's start by creating an offer:

Type your URL, then add the language, category and description of your site. After that, you can click "Continue".

On the next page, determine the amount you want to bill. The price of the offer is based on the average market price for offers with similar characteristics. If major changes occur, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

The return of your winnings should be based on the overall quality of your website. SeedingUp is a market on which basic rules such as offer and bid request apply. The price of your offer can be adjusted at any time.

You can choose a rate for each blog reservation, but you can set the lowest rate to stay competitive in the market.

Once you are satisfied with all settings, click on " Create Offer ".
Seeding Up will check your offer and contact you once it is reviewed (calculate 1 to 2 business days for a new offer to be activated (in some cases it may take a little longer) .

SeedingUp has a unique payment method.

If you sell a blog post on your site (say $ 120), you will receive a monthly payment of $ 10 over 12 months.

Each month this will sum up according to the number of messages sold.

You can consult your dashboard to check the status of your Publisher credit, which allows you:

– request for payment via PayPal;

– convert to advertising credits.

I usually request payment via PayPal.

Register here and start making money with SeedingUp.

See the record

Another platform that works and where I get missions from time to time.

Register here and submit your website.

Here are some of my blogs listed in their market:

Click to enlarge

Here's a screen shot of my last paid jobs at GetReviewed:

Consult their guide if you need specific information, but it's pretty simple.


 screenshot of the syndicate.net home page "width =" 600 "height =" 296 "/> </a></p><p> No, it's not a typo, it's the title of the site.</p><p> A few years ago, BuySellAds announced the creation of its new platform: /syndicate.net</p><p> You can use it to monetize your newsletter or to search for sponsored publishing opportunities.</p><p> Here is my profile:</p><p> <a href=  Screen capture of the NoPassiveIncome profile at syndicate_net "width =" 600 "height =" 102 "/> </a></p><p> If you want to be part of this impressive platform, you can <a href= apply here .

I've already worked with / syndicate and it was a great pleasure.

The selection can be quite difficult (for example, being listed on the BuySellAds market to sell banners), but if they accept you, a personal assistant will be assigned to you, which will guide you in completing the publishing your blog.

For example, SearchEngineJournal is listed there at $ 1,700 for each sponsored publication (they have 900,000 page views each month).


I am sure you are already making money with the sponsored posts of your blog. Otherwise, I hope this little guide will help you get started with this monetization method.

I will regularly update this publication with new platforms and resources to help you generate revenue with blogs.

And remember. Make sure to consider your readers as the top priority and do not oversell your blog. Good luck!

What do you think?

Do you have any other resources to add?

Will you register for the mentioned platforms? Are they new to you?

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience in the comments below!

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