//RE / MAX Deploys New DIY Video Feature for Agents
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RE / MAX Deploys New DIY Video Feature for Agents



RE / MAX Deployed on Monday New Agent Tool for Creating Custom Video Content on-the-Go -field. Although the real estate company considers it a first in its sector, this tool is the latest in a group of expanding technologies that facilitate large-scale video creation for marketers.

This video feature was created in partnership with video rendering provider Imposium .


To create a personalized video to send to a customer, agents go to the portal Remax Hustle . ] and add personal details, upload a portrait and choose three predefined clips that illustrate features or benefits, such as a 3D home visit. Then they choose the music. In less than a minute, they created a space: 15 that can be immediately shared by email or directly on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

The clips are part of a general update of RE / MAX "The advertising campaign" The Sign of an RE / MAX Agent ", which was also launched on Monday.

"Our agents are productive and we want to make sure they have marketing materials at their fingertips," Abby Lee, RE / MAX SVP Marketing and Communications said. "With this tool they will We do not have to reinvent the wheel, we want to make it as easy as possible for agents to stay in touch with their customers and ease the burden of commercialization. "

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] Image of the video sample | RE / MAX

There are over 5,000 possible combinations that marketers can use from the assets provided.

Ms. Lee stated that she expects technology to be used primarily for social media publications, but added

Why You Should Care

More than 80% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, according to The Status of Hubspot Marketing's 2018 Video . But in an environment where marketers are already struggling to meet the demands of personalization easy-to-use self-service video tools can save your life.

Nathan Labenz Waymark self-service video maker says his self-service platform gives marketers a way to produce a professional-quality video with the help of spots already created and customizable on the fly.

"[Marketers] needs a technology partner capable of evolving the video of 40,000 to one million cable TV advertisers," Lebenz said. "We give them a private space where all content is ready for television and where they can easily watch, find something they like, and then customize it to their particular needs to switch to TV faster and easier. , with a more affordable entrance. point than ever before. "

To use the Waymark service, marketers can subscribe or buy videos separately. A quick look into Waymark's inventory revealed that most videos were priced below $ 100.

Many other platforms and applications also provide custom modeling videos and tools that marketers can use, including Hubspot, which offers a free . video production kit and video application Triller that uses artificial intelligence to help social media influencers create music videos.

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