//PureCars Launches Dealer Allocation Platform
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PureCars Launches Dealer Allocation Platform



purecars launches dealer allocation platform - PureCars Launches Dealer Allocation Platform

The purchase of a car often involves extensive online research before visiting a dealership.

This is one of the main reasons why attribution is difficult for car dealerships, says the PureCars Automotive Marketing Platform, which released this week a platform for Sales attribution / business intelligence, which is the first to closely follow the path that leads from online research to the dealer. visit.

Called Signal Pro it is complementary to PureCars' existing platform for Smart Advertising marketing automation which enables multi-channel campaigns. CEO Sam Mylrea said customers can use Signal Pro in conjunction with Smart Advertising or separately.

The challenge. Mylrea stated that car purchases had a unique attribution problem, as buyers spent a lot of their time searching online for online searches, with a physical trip only to the last stage of the test drive, the final negotiation and the purchase. In other words, the dynamics of the funnel is peculiar to this industry.

A solution. Signal Pro is powered by the inventory management system of its customers, which has approximately 3,000 dealers in the United States. It tracks users' activity on dealer websites, engagement activity with ads broadcast by its dealers and, via third-party data services, engagement data and Impressions on ads related to cars run by other manufacturers, such as car manufacturers.

When a user goes to a dealer's website or views one of the ads, PureCars can associate it with a cross-device chart, which uses IP addresses and other indicators to match anonymous users to persistent identifiers, such as the phone. Numbers. These identifiers then make it possible to match the customer who enters a physical exhibition room and buys or rents a car for an advertising contract or an on-site visit.

Previously, Mr. Mylrea had stated that his company could track the engagement of ad campaigns, as well as specific attribution signals, such as a user completing a contact form or a user calling a specific phone number. Now, he said, Signal Pro allows dealers to link online research to physical buying and also to predict each customer's position in the buying cycle. Mylrea says Signal Pro can accurately link approximately 80% of dealer purchases with relevant marketing or advertising momentum.

Why you should care While other awarding services similarly offer multi-point attribution, including links between online marketing and offline shopping, Mylrea stated that Signal Pro was the first to be specifically related to dealer inventories and designed for auto purchases.

Since cars are generally consumers' second largest purchase after their home, knowing what advertising expenses and what site content has an impact on sales can be a valuable part of the marketing riddle.

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