//Prime Day sales exceeded Amazon's Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday – combined
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Prime Day sales exceeded Amazon's Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday – combined



The Prime Day event of this year has been completed and Amazon announced that it was the biggest event of purchase in its history. . Prime Day sales were higher than combined combined revenue from Amazon's Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday 2018 sales, according to the company.

"Premium members purchased over 175 million items during the event. Prime Day was also the biggest event ever organized for Amazon devices by comparing two-day periods, "said Amazon.

An extended "Prime Day" means more sales. It should be noted that the first day of this year was the longest to date, starting at 3:00 pm on July 15, for a duration of 48 hours. The first day of last year lasted 36 hours and that of 2017 30 hours. Obviously, the more time Amazon members have to give members the time they need to buy discounted products, the more revenue they will earn.

It should be noted that Amazon was able to outperform its Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales for a period of 48 hours in the middle of the summer – two periods of the same length. By the end of this year's Prime Day, premium members from 18 countries had purchased more than 175 million Amazon articles.

Great day of Prime Member subscriptions. Amazon reported seeing more new Prime Member subscriptions on July 15 than any other day in its history, and "almost as much" on the second day of the shopping session: "These are the two most important days ever recorded for membership registrations. "

Amazon did not release member registration numbers, but more than a year ago, its CEO, Jeff Bezos, confirmed that the company had more than 100 million Prime members .

SMEs cross the $ 2 billion mark. Small and medium-sized businesses selling on Amazon have generated more than $ 2 billion in this year's Prime Day – double the sales of more than $ 1 billion in small and medium-sized businesses. last year .

Unprecedented success for third-party independent sellers – mainly small and medium-sized businesses, "said Amazon," Worldwide, these companies have far exceeded the $ 2 billion in revenue. made this day, making it the largest commercial event ever organized by Amazon for third-party vendors when comparing two-day periods. "

It is interesting to note that, from a regulatory point of view, it is in the interest of Amazon to pose as a" friend "of SMEs.

The impact of Amazon on its impact on the industry. Amazon launched Prime Day in 2015 to encourage Prime memberships, but the event shopping has developed well beyond the original corporate loyalty initiative – and has reframed the calendar of the commercial sector as a whole.

This event is now defined as the coup de sending back to school, along with other online retailers nested in the sale and taking advantage of the e-commerce push

Nevertheless, online retail forecasts show that Amazon will continue to take a larger share of the e-commerce market. report of FTI Consulting predicts that Amazon's online market share will reach 43% this year, with the company being able to hold more than half of all online sales of the company. here 2024.

Why should we take care. The FTI Consulting report indicates that, overall, the growth rate of online retail is slowing. "The growth in mid-teen online sales (14% – 17% YOY) has been as consistent and reliable as the chances of the New England Patriots participating in the playoffs," according to FTI, "the script has tipped to mid-2018 when online sales growth began to slow to nearer the 12% most recent in the last two quarters. "

While Prime Day has become a strength in itself, Also recalls that merchants are competing for customer transactions with offers, free shipping and other offers, significant discounts will inevitably have an impact on revenue growth .Sellers and competitors of Amazon retailers will need to continue to look for growth opportunities and focus on the user experience and the customer experience throughout their journey to enhance their value over the course of their lives. Amazon's impact on the e-commerce industry is no more evident than during Prime Day, whose signature is a loyalty program that attracts loyal and valuable customers – which is the envy of the industry .

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