//Pandora Launches Online Analysis Tools and Announces the Conclusion of an Advertising Distribution Agreement with SoundCloud

Pandora Launches Online Analysis Tools and Announces the Conclusion of an Advertising Distribution Agreement with SoundCloud



Last week, Pandora launched analytics tools that advertisers could use on its audio platform. This move is another step in the platform's move towards a major platform for advertisers.

It's time. Prior to this announcement, the streaming audio platform offered a minimal online analysis to its advertisers. It relied on the offline impact and increasing the number of visits through third-party vendors such as Placed. His new Insights Lab was created to "help advertisers navigate and measure the audio ecosystem and deliver the best large-scale custom hyper audio campaigns."

The measure, in general, continues to be a challenge in the audio space, leaving marketers pause when they view it as part of their media mix. This solution only works on the Pandora platform, but the industry is starting to take action to develop more global measurement standards. This, coupled with the explosive growth of podcasting and mobile radio, seems to have eased advertisers' fears, at least for now.

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Pandora's Insight Laboratory includes:

Data-based information to inform audio strategy
Ecosystem that develops tools and first-hand products for advertisers to test
Platform for the marketing of third party research related to the analysis and proprietary knowledge of Pandora

But wait, it's over. Also last week, Pandora announced to join SoundCloud to become its exclusive advertising and commercial representation in the United States. The company says the decision creates the largest digital advertising market in the United States and extends its total addressable audience to 100 million people. The agreement will allow advertisers and brands to purchase their SoundCloud stocks directly via Pandora starting in 2019.

Which year. Pandora seems to be on a roll this year, launching a Programmatic Market in February, introducing new ad formats in August and now these ads. Its growth did not go unnoticed. Last week, the Sirius XM satellite audio system announced the acquisition of Pandora . When asked to comment on the acquisition, a spokesman for Pandora said, "We focus on business in the same way as usual and the agreement should be concluded in a few months. We have no other comments on the transaction other than what we said in last week's announcement. "

Why you should care Fueled by the growth of podcasting, audio platforms have become prime locations for finding active and engaged customers. In addition, with so many categories of niches in which users engage, it is sometimes easier and more effective to advertise there. And with the announcement of the analysis and other measurement initiatives, many marketers are seriously considering adding audio to their media mix.

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