//Oracle launches a "CDP-plus" for its clouds
1540260059 oracle launches a cdp plus for its clouds 760x490 - Oracle launches a "CDP-plus" for its clouds

Oracle launches a "CDP-plus" for its clouds



oracle launches a cdp plus for its clouds - Oracle launches a "CDP-plus" for its clouds

Marketers Using Oracle Can Now Get A More Unified View Of Their Customers, With Launch Of What An Oracle Leader Calls "The Next Generation Of Data Platforms" customer ".

Shashi Seth, Vice President of Oracle Marketing Cloud, described the new CX Unity unit as a "CDP-plus" because it offers a unified data profile for B2B and B2C in the Cloud Experience Cloud. Oracle – including Commerce, Loyalty, Service, Marketing and Sales – and also provides information to guide actions based on this data.

Why does Oracle call it CDP-plus. For example, he said, CX Unity can help marketers better understand their most loyal customers, their involvement in brand touch points, the types of business they do. offers likely to interest them and, on the B2B side, which people can renew a contract. Previously, this type of data was stored in multiple locations at Oracle.

Thus, he said, CX Unity is more advanced than most CDPs, some of which focus primarily on centralized storage of data. Previously, each Oracle cloud had its own client profile, which is the first unifying mechanism.

Like other CDPs, CX Unity can handle structured and unstructured data from any source, including offline sources, Salesforce CRM, non-Oracle applications, or third-party data, and it can take support real-time orchestration of customer experience across multiple channels.

Unification around customer data. In September, Salesforce launched Customer 360, which also provides a unified set of B2C client profiles that extends across profiles managed by each cloud. However, Salesforce has insisted that 360 is not a CDP, but a way to collect customer data in a single virtual profile.

CX Unity is Oracle's latest initiative to unify data and tools around customer data. Earlier this year, he launched Infinity to collect behavioral data from known and unknown users and CX Audience to provide an in-depth segmentation of the public.

New subscription management, Data Cloud B2B tools. Also on Monday, Oracle will unveil a new subscription management platform to provide support for this type of recurring revenue for the first time.

The platform provides subscription tools and data for renewal specialists, customer service agents, sales representatives and customers. Seth explained that some typical use cases could consist of a three-year billing contract automatically but each time changing the bill to reflect the use of the subscription, or by following the product of the bill. Use of a truck charged for consumption.

In addition, Oracle Data Cloud unveiled Monday new solutions for B2B marketing and sales to small and medium businesses.

The new tools allow marketing to create segmented audiences for SMEs, arguments based on the number of employees in a company, the financial risk profiles of these small businesses, growth patterns, methods accepting payments specific to SMEs, etc.

What is the impact on merchants This announcement of CX Unity is the latest indicator that unified profiles are becoming a standard part of the marketing infrastructure , instead of a user-friendly tool.

Once Salesforce and Oracle unified their customer data profiles on clouds, marketers should be able to better coordinate their marketing if they used multiple tools on those platforms. And, with Oracle promoting the intelligence it applies to these unified profiles, the company is intensifying competition among marketing clouds in this area.

While subscription sales are booming and marketers welcome such permanent customers, subscription management, new subscription sales, and growth projection are complicated by the lack of customer service. # 39; specific tools. The new subscription management platform incorporates this growing mechanism of recurring revenue within Oracle's standardized tools.

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