//No celebrities required: how to create an impressive content of influence
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No celebrities required: how to create an impressive content of influence



no celebrities required how to create an impressive content of influence - No celebrities required: how to create an impressive content of influence Content Marketing World .

Although you may not be promoting a live event, you will probably learn more about creating content based on influencers from the lessons we've learned at over the years, especially in 2018 Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing .

Take a look:

Perform preliminary work

Before you start creating, ask yourself (or the agency if you work with a partner like TopRank Marketing):

What are our goals for this content of influence?
What measures will we evaluate and how often?
Is the investment reasonable?
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Working with TopRank, we decided that our influencer article – an ebook – would help to publicize the event. The measures included views, downloads, and shares. However, the ultimate goal is the recording of events. We also tracked conversions from promotions and influencers.

TIP: If you choose not to create influencer content yourself, properly control an influencer marketing partner. Look at similar projects they have done. Make sure they match with your goals and your settings. Get the detailed commitment in a written contract.

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Building a chronology

The eBook project of influence was managed with several calendars and graphics.

Detailed schedule of weekly conference calls or registration meetings. At first, the meetings were longer and more in-depth to solidify a large number of concepts. As the weeks went on, many calls were short to simply register. It was important to talk regularly because the results resulted in changes in direction or other decision-making needs.

We also created a Gantt chart to illustrate what to do every week (or every day), who was responsible and what would be delayed if the tasks were not completed. This graphic included everything from ideation of concept to analysis and evaluation so that everything stays on the right track.

You can use project management tools if you are comfortable with these tools. We simply used Google Sheets to track calendars and charts, as well as Google Docs to review, edit, and approve the copy of the project.

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Selecting Influencers

The influencer should give value to your audience so that your team can not. Their reach and network must be different from yours to extend your reach. Make sure they are well suited – they believe in your product or service – or the disconnect will appear in the mail. We have also ensured that our influencers can achieve our goals for this content.

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Choosing from many influencers can be a daunting task, but technology can help. Our partner offered a predictive analysis for influencer discovery. But we did not stop there. We looked at the list manually to see who would be the most logical to include. Then, thanks to other research and anecdotal information, the list was further refined. Here are some questions we examined:

Are they known in the industry ? We had to include leaders of the industry. If we had not Joe Pulizzi, Michael Brenner or Ann Handley in an ebook on Content Marketing World, the content would be incomplete. That said, we did not want an e-book of every name and every face, year after year. We looked for new speakers with new ideas and those who show enthusiasm to be part of the event.
Do they have a network outside ours? Although the content marketing community is small, it was still important for the selected influencers to attract an audience that we could not. Given the island community, we also had to balance the scope and frequency.
Will they share our enthusiasm? This e-book has become an annual tradition and an honor for many influencers. We have received thank you notes from influencers who have contributed because they are thrilled to be included. To evaluate their potential interest in our content, we asked: Are they active on social media? Will they share the electronic book ?
Does the group represent our audience? A varied list of influencers is essential because our community is made up of all races, religions and genders from around the world. The contributions of various influencers ensure content with different points of view to meet the needs of the public.
Have we had success with influencers? If influencers were giants from previous years – shared our content in their newsletters, on social media, in their blog or in other speeches – you bet 'Re of the list for the next e-book . Conversely, if the best influencer with the best tips can not devote time to help, that's fine. But do not burn this bridge; explain why you are going in another direction.
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Invites influencers

Rather than asking for help, give influencers a reason why their participation will benefit them. Among the reasons we shared:

Exhibition as a trader / speaker / industry leader. The content gives influencers a platform to show their intelligence, personality and session at our event.
Links to their blog, book, project, social channels, etc.
Extension to a new audience .
Possibility of being in the same content as other important faces .
Exclusivity . We have more than 250 speakers at Content Marketing World, but less than 50 in the eBook.

TIP: Follow influencer invitations on a worksheet. Indicate the name, the date you asked to participate, the response, confirmation of receipt of content, etc. Include as much detail as possible, as these projects often involve multiple hands. Sharing information is essential.


Get What You Need Influencers

Determine how you are going to get the content of the influencers. We asked influencers to answer a series of questions and send their Twitter descriptor, their link to a website and a photo. We had to be extremely precise in the application:

Please answer all questions.
Do not exceed 50 words per question.
The link to the website should go to a company website or blog.
Headshot must be high resolution.
All should be returned by xx / xx / xxxx or we will ask another speaker to participate.

Remember that these influencers help you, but you also offer them a lot. If they agree to participate, hold them accountable.

TIP: An email reminder to influencers shortly before the deadline could be a welcome addition to your awareness plan.

Provide assets to facilitate amplification

We all have the best of intentions, but time is running out, and sometimes projects that people agree to help suddenly become a burden. Do everything you can to make your influencers more inclined to respond to by distributing your content . We have included the following in the past:

Provides resources to facilitate distribution of your content by influencers, advises @cmcphillips. Click to Tweet
Pre-Writ Social Messaging

All that is so good … brings me back to 7-11 in 1982 – I swear to you that no one could beat my best score at Donkey Kong or Defender … https://t.co/rQUY25KrfL

– Robert Rose (@Robert_Rose) June 13, 2018

Pages JPG so that each influencer can promote the eBook or just its contribution. (Note: In most cases, speakers were willing to share both.)

Sooo is hysterical. That's Jay 8 bit! Part of a promotion #CMWorld of @toprank . Unbelievable. https://t.co/iCxl9IpV2Z [1945 pic.twitter.com/jJ10BP1XII

– Jay Acunzo (@jayacunzo) June 13, 2018

Followed URLs
Details on the program, our progress and what this project meant for our brand . These details help influencers feel better.
Recall of e-mails

Measurement of the results

We used these traceable URLs to determine what was driving the most traffic, which social network was working on another, what time of day, day of the week, or week of our campaign. downloads, and much more. All this makes us more likely to identify something that we can improve for the next year, who are the most effective influencers to be able to include them next time, and new ways to expand their scope.

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