//New Twitter app for one-handed scrolling on iOS by @MattGSouthern

New Twitter app for one-handed scrolling on iOS by @MattGSouthern



Twitter has deployed a new subtle design of its iOS app, making it more convenient to use for those who hold their device in their hands .

The compose button has been moved to the lower right corner and "floats" as users scroll through their calendar.

This means that the button is still available to quickly send a tweet when the mood hits you.

Users can also press and hold the compose button, revealing options for quickly accessing drafts, tweeting a photo, or searching for a GIF.

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We have a new brilliant composition button to unveil on Twitter for iOS! Easier to use than ever before, the floating icon is in plain view and is perfect for one-handed scrolling and tweeting. Pro Tip: Hold down the icon to access your drafts, photos, and GIF gallery.

– Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) 31 October 2018

Post More media from a tweet

As part of this update Twitter has increased the amount of media that can be included in a single tweet.

Users can now share up to 4 photos, 1 video. and a link or text in a tweet.

Users are therefore no longer obliged to broadcast several tweets when they have several publications to publish.

More options for reporting spam


The same update also includes other spam report options.

When reporting a tweet for spam, Twitter now offers the following 5 choices:

The tweeting account is fakeIncludes a link to a potentially dangerous, malicious, or phishing site, The included hashtags do not seem to have a link Use the response function to spam

The activity that attempts to manipulate or disrupt the Twitter service is not allowed. We delete this information when we see it.

You can now specify the type of spam you see when you report, including fake accounts. pic.twitter.com/GN9NKw2Qyn

– Security on Twitter (@TwitterSafety) 31st October 2018

Switch between the latest tweets and top twes

Finally, Twitter adds a way for users to switch between the latest tweets and the most important tweets.

However, this test is being conducted as a limited trial for a "small number" of users.

Those participating in the trial will see a new icon appear at the top right of the iOS application

Twitter shared an example of what it looks like, which you can see here below:

Sometimes you want to see the latest tweets first. We are testing for you a way to make it easier to switch your calendar between the last and the last Tweets. Starting today, a small number of you will see this test on iOS. pic.twitter.com/7NHLDUjrIv

– Twitter (@Twitter) 31 October 2018

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