//Monetize your inbox: Make people pay to send you emails
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Monetize your inbox: Make people pay to send you emails



Reading Time: 2 mins Let's be honest, if your inbox looks like ours, it is quite drunk. To the brim. Sometimes it can even be a bit overwhelming. Imagine if you could monetize this chaos.

Well, you can! A new, convenient website allows you to charge people who send you emails. Especially useful if you receive a lot of information letters.

What is it and how does it work?

The service is called BitBounce and it's a free email service that pays you for every message you receive from an unknown sender. You connect your existing email accounts to BitBounce, sync your contacts, and set a price so that emails are sent to your inbox by people you do not know.

How can I get paid?

You are paid to receive e – mails from unknown senders, as we mentioned above. Payment is made in Credo cryptocurrency and you can set the price. Keep your Creed, cash it or exchange it for Ethereum and other cryptocurrency securely on the CredoEx BitBounce platform.

What happens to emails?

People you do not know receive an answering machine. The autoresponder tells unknown senders that you have started using BitBounce. People you know never see an answering machine.

You can create a whitelist when you sign up to tell BitBounce who is allowed to send you an email for free.

You can still see unpaid e-mails … only if you wish. Do not worry about missing unpaid emails to be delivered. They go to an "unpaid" folder. So it's a victory, a victory.

What BitBounce Has to Say

BitBounce exposes its mission as follows:

"We all receive a ton of unsolicited e-mails. While some may be useful, the majority is either boring or related to a form of scam. Most annoying spam is sent by mass spammers. They know that only a very small fraction of all e-mails they send will give an answer, but that's good because they can literally send millions of e-mails for free.

Whether it's for bulk spammers trying to sell something or luring a scam, their business model depends on their ability to send millions of e-mails at no cost to themselves. If they only had to pay a penny to send each mail, their business model would no longer be viable.

BitBounce changes all that. For the first time, you charge your time to the sender of an unsolicited e-mail. Most mass email spammers will not pay the price, regardless of their level. However, if someone you do not know really wants to communicate with you, he should be ready to pay your price. "

This is a message we can understand.

Monetize your inbox is here!