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Twitter announced that it would display live feeds more prominently, putting them at the top of users' timelines.

This change only applies to tracked accounts, so users will not suddenly see live feeds from accounts they do not follow.

Although live streams can be refreshed at the top of the timeline when the account is online at that time.

The announcement of Twitter reads as follows:

"We facilitate the search and broadcast of live broadcasts. Now, when the accounts you follow go live, the feed will appear at the top of your timeline.

The latest news, your favorite personalities and sporting events not to be missed. Deployment now on iOS and Android.

Placing live streams at the top of the timeline creates an opportunity to significantly boost the audience.

knowing that they will be immediately put in front of other people.

I can only assume that this update applies to live broadcasts and live audio only broadcasts, although Twitter did not specify it.

Last week, Twitter allowed users to broadcast live broadcasts only on audio on mobile.

Only iOS users can stream audio streams at the moment, but all Twitter users can listen.

This update is not at all different from how Instagram and Facebook deal with live feeds. It should not be too embarrassing for regular users of other platforms.

Due to the real-time nature of Twitter, I would bet that users will welcome the top idea of ​​the timeline.

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