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MarTech Today Research: A Guide for Marketers for Enterprise Search Engines



Business Listing continues to become more complex as technology and search engine algorithms. Comprehensive business SEO platforms offer many features to help teams manage and automate search optimization tactics, but the process of validation and selection can be tedious .

A new report from MarTech Today Research examines 18 professional SEO platforms, selected based on their role as market leaders, as well as some SEO point solutions. The Guide to Marketers for Enterprise SEO Platforms (free download with registration) describes the capabilities of vendors, gives advice on the best way to evaluate and select a solution and provides industry trends and insights for 2019, from in-depth interviews with experts and leading suppliers.

Among the findings, the report states that content marketing can switch in the field of search among social networks. In one interview, one vendor said content-based content marketing budgets in the last four years were starting to return to organic research. The provider expects content teams to focus more on developing and optimizing content for searches, which should drive more traffic.

Companies will also have to give priority to the customer experience when they envision the visibility of searches. reporting. The surveyed providers stated that they expect the user experience to generally become a more important ranking factor over the next year. The vendors announced that they were developing their on-site SEO and technical capabilities to ensure that users' sites are designed to increase traffic and meet the growing importance given to page speed, to user experience, content rendered in JavaScript and structured markup.

In its ninth year, the report includes price comparisons and vendor functionality, as well as information to determine if you need a professional SEO solution, the fastest way to identify and contact the right suppliers and negotiate supplier contracts.

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