//Launch of Amazon's Zero Project to Help Brands Fight Counterfeiters
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Launch of Amazon's Zero Project to Help Brands Fight Counterfeiters



Amazon has implemented a new three-pronged approach to reducing the volume of counterfeit goods on the site. Project Zero is an invitation-only program for Amazon vendors that will enable automated protection, a self-service delete tool, and a product serialization process to help brands combat counterfeit products.

Automated protections. Amazon's new automated protection process relies on machine learning technology that continually analyzes product listings on the platform. Analyzing daily more than five billion listings and product updates, Amazon has announced that its automated service will proactively remove products suspected of counterfeiting.

"We tested these automated protections with a number of brands and, on average, our automated solutions. Protections proactively block 100 times more suspected counterfeit products than we reactively remove based on brand reports, "writes Vice President of Customer Trust and Partner Support. 39, Amazon, Dharmesh Mehta.

With Amazon's new self-service counterfeit removal tool, brands will no longer be required to report counterfeit products to Amazon and wait for a measurement to be outlet. Instead, Amazon sellers will be able to delete lists of counterfeit products themselves, without having to report the counterfeit product.

When a product is deleted, Amazon saves this information in its automated protection platform to inform future actions against potential. counterfeit ads

Serialization of the product. Amazon also deploys a product serialization service in which a brand is assigned unique codes that are placed on each unit it manufactures. When a product with a serialization code is ordered, Amazon can analyze and verify the authenticity of the purchase.

"With this serialization service, you can now detect and stop counterfeiting of each customer product unit," Mehta writes.

Why you should care. Amazon takes a more proactive stance against counterfeit products sold on the site – by creating automated systems that remove products without action from the brand and giving vendors more control over counterfeits through process of serializing self-service tools and products.

Ken Minn, CEO of Kenu, a manufacturer of hands-free phone editing devices participating in the program, said the new Amazon product serialization process was a significant development and the removal tool in self-service was an insurance policy for his company.

Another Amazon salesman reported that false reviews had drastically dropped. "Every unit we sell through Amazon has a unique, serialized barcode, and our counterfeit problem has almost disappeared in the United States," said Thunderworks CEO Phil Blizzard.

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