//Kristen Bell becomes the new spokesperson for La-Z-Boy
kristen bell becomes the new spokesperson for la z boy - Kristen Bell becomes the new spokesperson for La-Z-Boy

Kristen Bell becomes the new spokesperson for La-Z-Boy



Kristen Bell has completed the loop with the brand La-Z-Boy. In 2017, she published a photo of her husband, Dax Shepard, lying in his beloved armchair La-Z-Boy in the middle of their living room . In 2019, she is now the spokesperson for the brand under her "Live Life Comfortably" umbrella. Maybe a future campaign will update viewers on what happened to Shepard's reclining chair?

The brand's "Live Life Comfortably" campaign, originally launched in 2011, aims to inform consumers that La-Z-Boy offers more than just recliners ; The brand manufactures and sells all types of furniture and accessories in different styles and price ranges.

" After the great La-Z-Boy debate of 2017 that took place at home, I got interested in the brand and was surprised to learn that they offer more than just recliners, "said Bell.

15 and 30 second spots kick off the campaign, while Bell presented himself as the last Z-Boy spokesperson and wondered aloud whether the brand manufactures other items than reclining chairs.

A voiceover that answers his questions and confirms that La-Z-Boy made the sofa, chairs and the ottoman that Bell adores on. The voiceover also casts a little shadow over Bell, thus informing viewers that she has already informed Bell of all this information … three times.

Bell announced that she was going to bring a lot of things to the table and that her inner light bulb will turn on as soon as she launches it in August and November

The commercials were produced by an all-female creative and production team and led by Lena Beug, who collaborated with brands such as eBay, McDonald's, Walgreens. and Harper's Bazaar.

"The introduction of Kristen Bell will take the campaign to new heights by attracting a diverse clientele," said Kurt Darrow, President and CEO of La-Z-Boy. "We are excited to welcome Kristen into the La-Z-Boy family and we believe she can continue to help us engage, entertain and inform consumers about the range of products and services we offer. "

" Currently, La-Z-Boy is focusing on launching the new partnership with Kristen, "said Eli Winkler, vice president of marketing at La-Z-Boy. "Meanwhile, La-Z-Boy furnishes furniture for the next edition of Armchair Expert Live! [Shepard’s]. The visit stops.