//Kids Fact-Check: Hysterical Announcement of Their Parents in New Zealand Telecom
kids fact check hysterical announcement of their parents in new zealand telecom - Kids Fact-Check: Hysterical Announcement of Their Parents in New Zealand Telecom

Kids Fact-Check: Hysterical Announcement of Their Parents in New Zealand Telecom



A Reminder for All of Us: "False News" is not a recent invention. In fact, we have all been raised with a significant amount of alternative facts (or, you know … total lies) that we have largely characterized as cute fables – like Santa Claus, a storky deliverer or the like. the idea that we were at the risk of these idiotic faces being "stuck in this way" without quick correction.

Today, children are growing up at the height of technological discovery and tools that seemed reserved for the wealthy, such as mobile phones. equipped with the programming of the voice assistant – are now much more commonplace. Equipped with this technology, children can become detectives we have never really found. The days of blind trust in the word of desperate parents end gradually. Finally, justice!

The New Zealand telecommunications company Spark and the Colenso BBDO agency have launched a new campaign in the extension of their platform Little Can Be Huge. This time, they are celebrating the new generation that they nicknamed Generation Voice or the kids growing up with this extremely handy voice assistance technology.

In a new hysterical place called "Generation Voice Is Here". are seen asking the Siri-esque program all the burning questions that need answers, as if the Internet really "extinguished" at 7 pm or if the goldfish actually escape.

As soon as the assistant confirms the invalidity of these statements, Tim Maia's "rational culture" plays in the background as a sort of rallying cry. As Maia sings, these children are going to be the ones who "rule the world … put it together", and it starts by challenging their parents in the name of the truth.

"We love to see autonomous people, curious kids. There is this magical age, between four and seven years, when children are still learning to read, but are strangely more tech-savvy than many adults. It's here that the power of voice comes to life, "said Mike Davison, Creative Director at Colenso BBDO.

Advertising, broadcast in New Zealand, will be accompanied by 15-second individual spots centered on each of the children's cheating stories.

Keep up the good fight, kids. And parents, choose our words wisely from now on.


Client: Spark
Responsible for the brand: Sarah Williams
Partner: Hannah Watson
Agency: Colenso BBDO

Média: PHD
Production Company: Finch
Sound: Franklin Road