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Key Digital Marketing Trends for Startups and Entrepreneurs



With the constant and fluid change in globalization, the increased use of mobile devices and the development of applications, marketing is becoming more and more digital. Today, you can start your own business during high school or before entering the job market. In fact, the 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneurs Report stated that millennipeners started businesses earlier than previous generations . They are small business owners and techies who understand the trends of the Internet and who are noticeable at an early age.

key digital marketing trends for startups and entrepreneurs - Key Digital Marketing Trends for Startups and Entrepreneurs Mobile and Geofencing

The number of smart phone users is expected to reach about 2.5 billion in 2019. Geofencing is an essential tool for new businesses who wish to immediately attract the attention of their customers. Geofencing uses technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID), global positioning system (GPS) and Bluetooth. It directly contacts potential customers physically located in particular geographical areas. By applying geofencing to your online marketing strategy, you can send ads, sales notifications, and other promotions directly to specific mobile devices.

The geofencing click rate is 13.6%. This is superior to the generic push notification. The number of customers who click on geofencing promotions should not be reduced. Popular brands have the advantage of being well known; geofencing gives small businesses a unique ability to increase brand awareness.

key digital marketing trends for startups and entrepreneurs - Key Digital Marketing Trends for Startups and Entrepreneurs Persistent Content

Brands with powerful websites generate a constant amount of "organic traffic". Many of them use content marketing methods, such as publishing "permanent content". This type of content is written on ideas or answers that rarely change how to dye your hair "or" How to tie a knot ". As an entrepreneur, the evergreen content is your ally, as you can review it and revise it regularly with small updates . This method reduces the amount of content you create for an entirely new part in the future. It's a long-term strategy with huge benefits.

Evergreen content can help your website rank at the top of search engine results. It happens that Google modifies its search algorithm and rewards websites with high visitor volumes, return links from reputable websites and links to other content that they have created. You can hire a digital marketing company in Burlington if you want a more detailed SEO (search engine optimization) strategy for this region. Whatever the case may be, you can enjoy the benefits of evergreen content in the following ways:

Constant traffic – This type of content enjoys a "long life", it will continuously generate traffic and attract visitors (as long as you continue to promote it).
Quality Backlinks – Google recognizes a "credible" website by analyzing the links of other sites with its content. For example, if Huffington Post included a link to a Moz blog to save its content, Google will probably give a higher ranking to the Moz site. Evergreen content attracts backlinks because it covers specific topics in a specific way and remains relevant long after the publication of the linked content.
Links to Other Content – Google's algorithm likes that reputable websites point to other pages and that the evergreen content is an ideal prospect for this possibility. By linking relevant content elements, it is faster for visitors to move from one piece of content to another.

1541950122 84 key digital marketing trends for startups and entrepreneurs - Key Digital Marketing Trends for Startups and Entrepreneurs Streaming Video Online

Live video broadcasting was a niche idea, but it has grown in popularity on social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, for example). Video streaming is expected to increase its Internet traffic exponentially in the next two years. One of the main factors driving the continued growth of video streaming as a marketing tool is that it can be educational, entertaining and motivate consumers to buy services or products. Entrepreneurs who use video have the advantage of being able to stream live anytime or any day of the week.

With live streaming, you can share brand information, project information, or offer commercial advice to viewers. Live video streaming allows you to connect to viewers in real time. This makes it an ideal support for answering questions from potential customers and connecting with them personally. It is also free and you will not need to spend time editing. It is raw; live – and if you're comfortable in front of a camera (or if you record your own video with an iPhone or a selfie stick), you can expand your brand by giving it a face and a voice.

Improve the visibility of your startup business with consistent digital marketing efforts. Even small and medium businesses can benefit from these trends and improve them with the guidance of an experienced SEO group. You may think that hiring a digital marketing company has a prohibitive cost, but if you do your research, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Increase the number of leads and the presence of brands through a digital marketing plan . By staying in the ever-changing online world, you can attract the customers you want.

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key digital marketing trends for startups and entrepreneurs - Key Digital Marketing Trends for Startups and Entrepreneurs


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