//Jet.com launches a more personalized experience for its customers
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Jet.com launches a more personalized experience for its customers



Two years after the Walmart acquisition by the company, Jet.com reinvents itself and targets its target audience: the city dweller.

Jet reorganizes its brand into three different segments: a new, more personalized and localized website experience; the arrival of City Grocery, a delivery option that offers a three hour delivery and same day; and a new partnership with Nike, where the website will sell branded products – not third parties.

"We do not want to be the store that has everything, but [instead] means something," said David Echegoyen, head of customer at Jet. "It's really a reinvented experience focused on the city's customers, [and] we're very excited about it."

According to Echegoyen, the reinvented website seeks to understand why living in a city ​​is very different from other experiences. From New York, guests will get a personalized experience on the website that reads "New York City" at the top of the page and shows a photograph of the city skyline. His product recommendations will also be addressed under different questions. For example, if you are on the homepage, the website will ask you what type of apartment you live in to only suggest items that can fit in a bedroom, studio, or apartment of any kind

The recommendations will also become smarter depending on what you are looking for and where. If you search for "apple" on the main page, you will get results on Apple products, but if you are on the side of groceries, the fruits will appear instead. In addition, iOS users can now use voice to create lists on the Jet app.

Jet also launches the arrival of City Grocery, which had been previously suggested in July. The company plans to open a distribution center in the Bronx later this fall and will use the parcel delivery company to make a three-hour delivery and the next day for New York customers.

With City Grocery, which charges $ 5.95 for same-day and next-day delivery, New Yorkers can order local beer and foods such as Big Gay Ice Cream or Bedford Cheese Shop, and leave detailed delivery instructions. Echegoyen said Jet spoke with "many" people to understand what New Yorkers regard as "local institutions."

"E-commerce is often considered a failure of local businesses, the opposite," said Echegoyen. "We want local businesses to thrive by bringing them onto the platform."

Jet also announced a partnership with Nike, in which it will sell Nike and Converse products. At the end of Jet, Echegoyen said the company had looked at how people were actually buying Nike products and noted the differences between a Nike yoga user and a fashion user. Echegoyen declined to comment on Nike's recent "Just Do It" campaign with Colin Kaepernick and pointed out that it was a longstanding relationship. "We have been working with Nike for months on this and we are really proud of the strategic relationship we have developed, and we see them as a key brand that our customers demand," said Echegoyen.

Nike also partnered with Amazon in 2017, which "is progressing well," said Mark Parker, president and CEO of Nike, during the company's quarterly call in June . Of course, no new image would be complete without a complete advertising campaign. Pereira O'Dell New York "Our carts are different here" includes a series of five different videos about the diversity of Jet's customers. The spots will be broadcast through television, audio, digital, social networks and overseas with local commercials in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, DC

Walmart Experience – an experience that makes Jet more concerned with the customer and fewer transactions.

"We want to rehumanize electronic communication and empathize with the customer," Echegoyen said. wAAACwAAAAAAQABAEACAkQBADs= - Jet.com launches a more personalized experience for its customersjet com launches a more personalized experience for its customers - Jet.com launches a more personalized experience for its customers