//Jet.com Attracts Nike and Bonobos and Launches Custom Brand "Stores" on the Market

Jet.com Attracts Nike and Bonobos and Launches Custom Brand "Stores" on the Market



As Christmas shopping season approaches, Jet.com has launched dedicated brand stores for Nike and Bonobos on its website.

Why You Should Care

This fall, owned by Walmart Jet.com has launched an update of its website designed to satisfy urban buyers who, it is said, constitute the bulk of its customer base. As part of this effort, the company also announced that it would create branded stores on brand sites, including Nike. Thursday's launch of Nike and Bonobos brands on the market strengthens its fashion offerings and seduces its target audience with well-prepared experiences.

Jet also plays with the angle of confidence.

"Customers trust confidence more than ever and it is important for retailers to have a clear view of what they represent and who they choose to partner with. As we continue to implement our new urban consumer strategy, we are delighted to welcome Nike and Bonobos to Jet.com, "Jet President Simon Belsham said in a statement.

The Nike Store includes clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children. Jet also states that it will be an authorized seller of certain Nike and Converse products, which means that customers can have confidence that they will get the real deal and not fake counterfeits. It's a not-so-subtle point of differentiation that counterfeiters hit Amazon and eBay. In response, Amazon created a Trademark Register last year.

More on Jet.com brand stores

Jet offers a two-day delivery on Bonobos items and free returns to the United States.
Nike or Bonobos searches on Jet.com provide direct access to the main pages of custom stores.
Focusing on the major metropolitan areas, Jet.com stands out from the target of Walmart's parent company, but Amazon is also interested in cities. It will be interesting to see how the angle of trust plays out.
The Nike store offers the best selling shoes as well as category navigation. The Bonobos shop (screen shot below) also offers trend-setting items.

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