//Janrain launches his new solution Identity Central
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Janrain launches his new solution Identity Central



janrain launches his new solution identity central - Janrain launches his new solution Identity Central Janrain's representation of calls from a client company to its cloud platform via the OIDC protocol (OpenID Connect 1.0).

Identity Management Platform Janrain will be released on Wednesday with its new Identity Central platform, which is the first end-to-end cloud-based solution of its kind.

The identity center is fully hosted. The CEO, Jim Kaskade, had previously indicated that his company was proposing a suite of applications running on the OpenID protocol, which provides a standard for authorization / authentication services. identity.

A corporate client would use this suite to allow social connections between sites, such as using your Facebook connection on multiple sites and managing the user's identity. However, some of the necessary components, including the user interface, had to be developed by the client company and hosted on its own on-premises server or in the cloud.

Now, he said, the new Identity Central is updated to the new OpenID Connect 1.0 protocol and provides predefined customizable interfaces that Janrain hosts. A client company needs to host only certain components of the software library, but does not need to develop or host applications or interfaces. The entire Janrain Identity Management Solution is now available in the cloud via an API.

Designed to be on the scale. Marketers can deploy the Identity Management solution on many mobile sites or applications "in minutes, instead of weeks," said Kaskade, with no software development or hosting.

While Janrain's Customer Identity Management (CIAM) competitors also support the latest OpenID protocol in their identity management solutions, enterprise customers still need to create and host some of their own components, such as only interfaces.

The new platform is the last stage of Janrain's centralization campaign, which included the company's latest publication centralized access control to the rules for identity management.

Why this is important for marketers. Given the importance of confidential data, ad targeting, and user privacy, identity management has become an intrinsic – but complex – part of the marketing specialist's toolkit.

Issues such as security, simplified consent management, and government regulations are among the elements that motivated Janrain's fully hosted solution. For these reasons, it will not be surprising to see other platforms soon offer a similar, fully cloud-based offering, which could help marketers meet the growing demands for preservation of the cloud. 39, identity of customers.

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