//Is CashCrate Legit or Scam? My complete exam + proof of payment

Is CashCrate Legit or Scam? My complete exam + proof of payment



 CashCrate is a survey site that pays users to conduct surveys, complete offers, games, etc. See my proof of payment and full notice. "Width =" 303 "height =" 553 "data-lazy-data-lazy - /></p><p> <img class= CashCrate which allows you to earn extra income by performing certain tasks.

People are generally comfortable with the brands they know and to attract new users and encourage the testing of new products, companies are now willing to pay. This is what the money banks gain by giving them the opportunity to leave notices through surveys of products and services rendered.

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What's a crate checkout?

CashCrate is a survey site that pays users for them to conduct surveys while offering offers to members in exchange for cash. Users earn money by completing and registering for business offers, conducting surveys, consulting specific partner websites, referring the business to their customers. friends and their families. , playing games or winning contests.

Be heard and get paid. Users can sign up for CashCrate and earn extra money for free and easily!

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Characteristics of the cash register

There are many ways to earn, users can earn money by signing up for business offers, signing up for contests, completing surveys, reading e-mails, making purchases
The reference program has two levels. You are paid 20% of what your referrals do and 10% of what their referrals do. When you refer more users to CashCrate, these levels increase until you earn up to 30% of your sponsor's income and 20% of their earnings.
The offers are available to everyone, but people from English-speaking countries have many more options than those who use other languages, as companies tend to target Western countries much more than other countries.
CashCrate does not use a points system but gives cash payments with a minimum possible payment of $ 20. Payments for various activities can be as low as $ 0.01 to $ 20 or more.


CashCrate gives cash payments that eliminate the often confusing and fairly honest point system
It is free to join and open to people from several countries
Awesome reference system
Site very user-friendly, easy to navigate and without clutter
Many surveys available
The offers concern different products and services. They include wardrobe scans, auto insurance quote registration and the ability to win attractive prizes such as diapers, airline tickets or gift cards worth several thousands of dollars.


There is a large number of affiliated emails that could be perceived as spam
Off-site registrations for rewards that require personal information.
Relatively low payment for investigations
One option to redeem rewards (cash payment)

Is this true?

Certainly! Launched since 2006, CashCrate is a source of additional revenue for users, who are currently about 2 million, mostly in America and Europe.

If you are ready to make money, you can register here here .

My proof of payment

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